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Getting The Right Customers

Work hard to rethink and reshape your approach to your photography business in order to incorporate the values required for the task of weeding out the clients you don’t want.

6 major areas that I believe have the greatest impact on this weeding-out process:

Personality and Professionalism

You’re a professional photographer, not an amateur wanting to make a few extra bucks on the weekends (nothing wrong with that, by the way), but someone who has invested time, hard work, and money into the creation of a real business.

You can’t expect your prospects to take you seriously when you’re sending them messages that you are not a serious photography BUSINESS.

They may not consciously notice, but it registers with them nonetheless, in your general demeanor, the way that you dress, and the way that you act, and the level of professional enthusiasm you have for your business.

For example, it’s very easy to get frustrated when things are not going well, but are you allowing your customer to see any hint of that?

Mood and emotion come across very clearly in person, of course, but they can also be felt on the telephone, and even by email.

Even when you write your emails, write them as you would a physical letter in a friendly business tone, and a professional sign-off.The Look And Personality Of Your Website And Blog

You must have a premium website, but the way it’s presented makes all the difference in the world.

Make sure you are using conversational marketing copy in an effort to build a relationship with the prospect or are you being “fluffy” and relying on just your photographs no calls to action?

Make a stand and show your difference.

You can’t afford to be the photographer who is willing to do anything and everything, as that comes across as appearing to be desperate.

Focus on one major thing, and aim to be the absolute best you can be at it.

Your Social Footprint

Social media has ingrained itself in our society, and we can’t believe that there was a time when we didn’t have it.

And that has made us lose sight of what social media really means for business.

First, if you’re using your Facebook personal profile for business, stop it and set up a business page before Facebook finds out and terminates your account.

Next, as business owners we can’t always use social media in the same way others do.

That means keeping religious and political views to ourselves, not bad-mouthing other people, eliminating profanity, and not engaging in those viral “games” that seem so popular at the moment.

As professional photographers, we are our own personal business ambassadors, and it’s important to make sure we put our best social footprint forward, as it were, at all times.

Getting Belief and Vison into Your Photography Business

Last week I spoke about how a strong BELIEF and an unmovable VISION were the two of the keys to a successful photography business. Lots of you watched the video about Murielle, who is based in a low demographic outer suburb, but has enormous success. She speaks in the video of a $10,000 portrait sale the video, but has done a $23,000 portrait sale a few months ago. I have invited Murielle to a live group session via Zoom so that we can find out more about how she does it.
You wont believe the sales she gets from her small home studio. How did she get her BELIEF? Join like minded photographers in this video in our group meeting “Getting Belief” session. Watch video here… If you lack confidence in your business, and especially in your selling your photography…..DON’T MISS THIS!! Questions? Contact us today +61 418 509 228

Targeted Marketing Is Everything.

Bernie Griffiths is certain the service he offers to wedding, portrait and family photographers is unique, with no one else in the world doing it quite like he does.

bernie0Bernie (pictured right) operates a photography coaching business with an emphasis on marketing strategies and creating successful business models. But what separates him from the touring seminars and other business coaches is that he corresponds one-on-one on a weekly basis with all his clients, and tailors the coaching program around photographers and their businesses.

‘The way I do the coaching is one-on-one. I don’t do group coaching or send a bunch of generic videos to clients. It’s a weekly, one-on-one ‘face-to-face’ Skype session,’ he told ProCounter. ‘What I offer is quite unique within the industry.

Photographers running marketing seminars only teach others based on their own business and what has worked for them.

‘But every photographer comes from a different place, has different clientele, style, skill, and expectations. So I extract information and implement a pricing, selling, and photography structure for that particular business.’

Bernie opened his first and only wedding and portrait studio in Melbourne back in 1969 when he was 23, only to sell it three years ago when he decided a career change was in order. He doesn’t claim to have been overly skilled with a camera, but was in tune with how to market and promote his business.

That’s what he sees as an art.

Because Kodak and other industry-related businesses sponsored his seminars during his photography career, becoming a full-time photography business coach seemed like a natural next step. And given his business was successful for a long timer, he figured a few tricks he learned along the way could be shared to help others make more money.

The vast majority of the 65 clients he has coached in the last three years are from Australia and New Zealand. Some are masters of photography looking to freshen up their business whereas others are completely new to the industry.

In total he estimates well over $1 million in profit has been generated for clients with his assistance.

The coaching is done in either a six or 12-month program which involve a weekly hour-long session. Specific tasks for the photographer are set, and those taking the top end 12-month program have a personal visit from Bernie – be it in a studio, or a desk and chair crammed in the corner of a home office.

Given Bernie believes no two businesses are the same, it can be difficult for him to be specific about challenges wedding and portrait photographers face. However he’s noticed a few areas where photographers can improve.

‘New photographers generally fall short because of their ‘non-actions,’ he said.

‘They have to learn a lot of new skills – as I did when I became a full-time coach.

First and foremost they have to know how to use their camera and post-processing software, but there is also an art in learning how to market, and sometimes I find they don’t follow through with actions.’

What he means is that photographers aren’t reading the ‘business manual’. Instead, and like many of us, they just hastily rip open the box, throw the instruction manual aside and try to figure it out on their own. Only later, after a few mistakes, will they come back to it and take the time to learn how to run a business.

Bernie makes photographers accountable for their business, he said. Here he is with Fi Mims at her studio in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Bernie makes photographers accountable for their business, he said. Here he is with Fi Mims at her studio in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Spending less is more
When it comes to marketing, Bernie recommends spending as little money as possible. The best way to do this is by posting consistently on social media to draw attention to the brand. It’s cost-effective but obviously has limited reach and, frankly, everyone does it.

But marketing can also be a little more creative.

‘Starting a third party alliance with a business or organization can be really handy and cheap, and I’ve noticed a lot of the successful, big studios do this. Let’s use car dealerships as an example,’ he said.

‘Make an agreement where each time the local dealership sells a car, have them send the customer a letter saying “As a thank-you we’ve organized a family portrait session with the area’s leading portrait photographer, with a print included at the value of $600”.’

But strategically targeting the right market is important. A photographer at the high-end of the market will yield better results by partnering with a Mercedes or Lexus dealership than, say, a Holden or Toyota dealership.

A high end photographer would be best suited with a Maserati, Mercedes, BMW or a Ferrari dealer – ‘targeting is everything’.

For photographers in regional areas of Australia in particular, these strategies can prove hugely successful once word-of-mouth spreads.


New and up-and-coming wedding photographers often base their pricing off what others are doing – but that’s not always a wise strategy!

Perceived value creates opportunities
Pricing is another area Bernie finds photographers struggle with because, again, many base it on what other photographers recommend.

He suggests to clients that they adopt a system of collections or packages, ‘perceived value is very important and creates opportunities to upsell’.

‘One of my client’s wedding packages averages around $10,000. He does this because he only does albums – no shoot-and-burn coverages. His incoming price is around $3000, but when the clients come in for the album design he sells about $7000 more. He uses the files at a lever to encourage clients to go with the upgrade.’

Given customers cannot resist the temptation of digital files, making the more expensive packages the ones with digital files can push a client to spend more.

‘It’s common for clients to specifically want digital files rather than prints. It’s a product that they want,’ he said. ‘So knowing that, perhaps offer prints in the cheaper collections, and then offer some files in the slightly more expensive collection. And the fourth collection – the most expensive – offer all the files. We know what the consumer wants, and if that’s files, we can encourage them up the ladder so they spend more money.’

Resist the trends!
Lastly he thinks too many photographers – particularly those entering the industry as part-time professionals – tend to copy or mimic other photographers, rather than testing out what works for them.

When it comes to things like shooting style and locations, too many photographers follow the leader, making it harder for potential clients to differentiate one from the other. Ultimately they start making decisions based on prices.

There's far less professional portrait photographers who operate their own studio these days.

Far fewer professional portrait photographers operate from their own studio these days.

At the moment the trend (latest fad?) among portrait photographers he’s noticed is to shoot at a client’s home with a documentary, black-and-white style. (Possibly because fewer photographers have their own studio and this keeps overheads low.)

Throughout his career Bernie said that when a trend emerged he’d resist it – when the majority started shooting portraits in the outdoors, he put more focus on the studio.

Bernie said he is currently running at 90 percent capacity with his photography business coaching. For the next month any photographers interested in his coaching but unsure whether to commit can try a two week ‘A Taste of Success’ program for $97.

Bernie first appeared on ProCounter’s radar earlier this year when he was interviewed about National Family Portrait Month, a charity-based event he organised with the aim of raising the profile of professional family portraiture in Australia. (And… possibly his own business!)


Photographers Facebook Ads Going Viral

Who says that Facebook is past its use by date to create leads and money in the bank for smart photographers?

Many photographers it seems just can’t get Facebook to work.

That is because they don’t follow a proven formula.

They don’t do enough “test and measure” to refine the ad and make it work.

How would you like to get the sort of engagement like as below.20,893 People Reached, 2,116 Engagements, 402 Likes, 98 Comments

100 Shares. Amount spent on ad…$250.

Do you think this photographer would have generated a lot of leads from the ad?

Do you think with using a good “funnel” (and she does) she could get a few Photography Sessions from the ad.

She has two ads running like this at the same time.

Is she busy do you think?

Heck yes !!!!!!!

Pretty cool hey.

When was the last time you put up a Facebook ad and got this sort of interest?

I cover this ad strategy and lots more in my Online Course “Get More Portrait Photography Clients FAST”.


Need Help Making Money In Your Photography ?

Putting Your Foot Down In 2019.

Another year is rapidly coming to an end.
For all of you that have a photography business, I hope you have had a great year!
Being a photography business coach when I work with my clients, we set goals.
We set financial goals for monthly, yearly, and average sales.
We leave the year of 2018 with lots of big sales targets smashed.
Clients Mark, Helen, Murielle, and Amy have been many years in business, but have had their best year EVER in 2018! Marcus in just the second year of his photography business had a $32,000 month in November.
The average sale for the majority of my clients is $1,500 for portrait sales.
I believe that Success is possible for anyone, and these examples of my client’s successes, show that financial growth in your photography business is possible, once you learn what you have to change to make it happen.
If you are serious about making your photography business happen in 2019, then get serious.
You cannot “fluff” around and be semi-committed.
Ever tried to lose a bit of weight?
I bet you didn’t lose any until you fully committed, and started eating the right food and did all the hard exercise, without compromise.
Draw a line in the sand in 2019 and say “I am going to do whatever it takes!”
The only thing stopping you from having an amazingly successful 2019 is you!
Here are my Top12 Tips to help you plan your success journey in 2019.
1.Get help and find a coach or mentor, just as you would find a personal trainer if you wanted to get really fit.
2.Learn only from those who have had at least 10 years doing what you want to do.
3.If the going gets tough as it may, hang on in there for success could be just around the corner.
4.Embrace the changes you need to make with a positive attitude.
5.Keep the focus on your written financial goals, and don’t get side tracked.
6.Keep doing the things that work, and recreate or stop doing the things that aren’t.
7.Have a bigger vision than you think is achievable.
8.Don’t wait, start now with one small step.
9.Look at your written goals at least twice a day.
10.Understand that Marketing is everything.
11.Don’t buy any online courses unless they have a “one on one “ component.
12.Persistence always wins…never give up.
May Peace, Joy and Happiness walk with you this Christmas.
“If you’d like to make pictures AND make money, bring Bernie into your business.
Bernie and Wendy will waste no time getting to the bottom of what doesn’t work and introducing an understanding of how your business can make more money. Expect a straight talking, no frills, tailored and expert approach.
They understand that no business is the same and they have an individual approach knowingthat all of us have our own niche and style of photography  business.
For us, we needed to realise that it wasn’t our images that held us back, not our team or our albums, it was our intense focus on all these things instead of the business of running a profitable business.
The post course contact ensures that we always have the support we need as new situations arise”. Best regards Sarah
“I put off calling Bernie for months and months. I was frustrated and stuck.
Within one phone call the fog lifted, he had simplified the way I was working, put plans in place and I finally had a direction which made sense and got me excited building my business again.
I just wish I had called Bernie months before. His systems just work.
Call Bernie right now.
Don’t wait and think it over like I did. It will be the best thing you will do for both you and your business.” Jenny
“Bernie has been an inspiration, he has taken my business from a small, just surviving home business into a full-time boutique studio. I have also seen my personal photography style grown and mature and am now attracting the kind of clients I want. I cannot thank Bernie enough for all of his time and effort and I am looking forward to working with him in the future.” Cheers  Kim
Let’s Do This Together!
When you are ready for some serious coaching…….
Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach
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Chatbot For Photographers

Just over 3 years ago when I exposed a great Facebook Ad strategy on the Photobizx podcast, many
photographers thought that every lead that responded was an eager buyer
for their photography.

Wrong !

These were “cold” leads, and the reality was that only 25% of these leads were potential buyers.

Bernie’s Facebook Ad strategy  which I defined in the podcast, still works extremely well if you build the right conversion funnel.

Originally we built a funnel via a series emails, and then along came Chatbots.

The Chatbot we use, once set up, automatically runs through Messenger with a trigger that is pulled by a specified word put into the comments box below the ad.

By a series of strategic multiple choice questions, we are able to qualify our “cold” leads and turn them into “warm” leads, and create much stronger potential buyers.

This is the ultimate speed Marketing machine!How great is it to have qualified leads coming in while you sleep!

Getting leads is crucial for your photography business, and segmenting your audience can help you avoidthe customers you fear the most…..the low spenders.

If you are not into Chatbots yet, it would be a good idea to get on board this technology, as it offers a great solution to automating part of your photography business.

Check out this video all about Chatbots from our Group session last week, where we set up a Chatbot for a family Facebook ad.

Let’s Do This Together!

When you are ready for some serious coaching…….

Level 1 Online Course….Get More Portrait Photography Clients ….FAST
Take this Online Marketing Online in your own space and at your own time.
If you are a photographer who also has a full time job, this is the ideal way
to start earning money from your photography.

Level 2  Getting Started Course
This course is designed for those photographers who are just starting out
part time to create a photography business. With weekly Skype sessions over
a 5 week period covering Pricing, Marketing, Selling, and Photography.

Level 3  Business Boost Coaching Program
A great program to start to move your business forward. Created for
photographers looking to advance their business on a longer term basis. Personal
Mentoring with one personalised 60 minute Skype session every two weeks.

Level 4  Signature Coaching Program
The Signature Program is for those photographers who want to accelerate the
success of their photography business. Weekly 60 minute Skype sessions over
a 12 month period will make you accountable, while new marketing strategies
and fresh ideas, will give accelerated growth in your business.

Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

Focus Your Photography Business On Marketing

Focussing on marketing is vital for a photography business to grow.

To get that focus in a world of distraction can be very difficult, but I can help.

I must admit i am not a big fan of online courses.

But I have created one…WITH A DIFFERENCE.

Any online course is a templated affair, created usually by a photographer who
has only had the experience of doing things ONE way.

But that one way will probably not be suitable for other photographers who are in
a different country, different town, or in a different place on their photography business
So online courses can be a total waste of your hard earned money.

What makes yours so different you say?

Well when you buy my online course you also buy ME!

The course is called “Get More Portrait Photography Clients …FAST”

With my marketing online course we have 2 x Skype sessions together during the course
so that I mould all the information into YOUR specific needs dependant on where YOU live
and where YOU are in your business.

Makes sense hey!?

It’s like having me as a partner in your business.

With over 40 years as a successful photography business owner, with having done thousands of portrait
shoots and sales, with having photographed thousands of weddings, and with coaching photographers
around the world, do you think I would be of value in helping you?

In my coaching I am helping photographers create income daily.

Before you say ” I can’t afford you Bernie” let me tell you the cost.


If you can’t afford that then you have a financial problem.

There are lots of other things you could buy for $297, but if you want to grow your business, this can
do that.

I have only just set this up, so after the first 10 photographers have purchased it I will put the price up to
what it is really worth.

Check it out here……

Let’s Do This Together!

When you are ready for some serious coaching…….
Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

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How To Love Selling Your Photography

Converting prospects into clients can be the most challenging part of the business for many photographers.
They may know exactly who their target market is, and where to find them.
For these photographers, it’s not lead generation that’s the biggest challenge – it’s lead conversion.
When photographers struggle with getting their conversion right, the problems usually come up in the sales session.
Prospects give you excuses about why they can’t buy now or they put up resistance to the prices you’re charging.
Other times, you may be close to making a good sale, but then the customer changes their mind.
Ahhhg !…… I hate that!
For photographers struggling with lead conversion, it’s usually because the prospect has set the criteria for what they want in a photographer, and not what the photographer expects from the client.
This means that the customers start running your photography business, and that is never going to work well.
The solution isn’t to follow a prospect’s wants – it’s for you to set the rules of engagement.
When you set your rules, you’re in control of the sales process, not the other way around.
The first thing to do when setting the buying criteria is to make sure that the customer is fully aware of your expectation that they are going to purchase products from you, and that they follow your set of processes,
Then, you can keep them in control and nurture them forward.
Finding out their hot button is also very important as this is the reason that they will buy.
Some hot buttons are obvious, like they have never had a family portrait taken, but have always wanted one.
Others aren’t quite so obvious, but it is important to find out what they are.
You must also ask yourself the question as to what value does the prospect gain from working with you as a photographer, compared to all the other photographers out there?
And don’t tell me it is your great looks and amazing personality!
Getting the “right” clients becomes the big benefit at sale time when your clients hand you their credit card.
What objections do you get when it comes to the sale?
Email me your top two objections at sale time and I will send you back a way to respond.
Let’s Do This Together!
Brand New Online Course “Get More Portrait Photography Clients …FAST”
When you are ready for some serious coaching…….
Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

Photography Business Disruption

Love this from photographer Scott Stratten.
“We’re in the age of disruption.
Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate.
Every week, it seems there is a new strategy, social media site or technology that is a “must use” or a “game changer.”
What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright shiny business object is that business while everything has changed, nothing is different.
Trust, connection, consistency, and service will always trump any new app to hit the market.
What is real and what are only smoke screens in the business world today?
The Digital Decision: Your market today is forming buying decisions well before coming to you.
Marketing today means getting in front of them when they’re making these important choices.
Scott will be appearing at Imaging U.S.A. in Atlanta Feb 2019.
….Hope to see you there.
Let’s Do This Together!
Brand New Online Course “Get More Portrait Photography Clients …FAST”
When you are ready for some serious coaching…….
Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach
Bernie Griffiths

What Do People Buy?

One of my clients who just started out at creating a business for their photography asked me a couple of interesting questions this week.
She asked…..

Do you think most people actually buy different types of photos?
Should I focus on learning a different style of photography than what I am doing now?
Very interesting question I thought.
Let’s face it, as professional photographers we photograph ultimately for money.
As much money as possible.
So the question is, what type of photographs do people buy?
I think in general people buy photographs that……..
1. Flatter
2. Show personality
3. Show relationship
4. Are technically good
5. Reflect happiness
If a photograph contains most or all of these elements, I feel that the photographs
become very saleable.
Focus on getting these elements in your photographs, and your sales will soar.
Maybe portrait sales like one of my Inner Circle members had this week.
One sale was for $8,330 while another on the same day was $3,695.
Yes, get all the elements right and your bank account will thank you.
Let’s Do This Together.

Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach

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