Another year is rapidly coming to an end.
For all of you that have a photography business, I hope you have had a great year!
Being a photography business coach when I work with my clients, we set goals.
We set financial goals for monthly, yearly, and average sales.
We leave the year of 2018 with lots of big sales targets smashed.
Clients Mark, Helen, Murielle, and Amy have been many years in business, but have had their best year EVER in 2018! Marcus in just the second year of his photography business had a $32,000 month in November.
The average sale for the majority of my clients is $1,500 for portrait sales.
I believe that Success is possible for anyone, and these examples of my client’s successes, show that financial growth in your photography business is possible, once you learn what you have to change to make it happen.
If you are serious about making your photography business happen in 2019, then get serious.
You cannot “fluff” around and be semi-committed.
Ever tried to lose a bit of weight?
I bet you didn’t lose any until you fully committed, and started eating the right food and did all the hard exercise, without compromise.
Draw a line in the sand in 2019 and say “I am going to do whatever it takes!”
The only thing stopping you from having an amazingly successful 2019 is you!
Here are my Top12 Tips to help you plan your success journey in 2019.
1.Get help and find a coach or mentor, just as you would find a personal trainer if you wanted to get really fit.
2.Learn only from those who have had at least 10 years doing what you want to do.
3.If the going gets tough as it may, hang on in there for success could be just around the corner.
4.Embrace the changes you need to make with a positive attitude.
5.Keep the focus on your written financial goals, and don’t get side tracked.
6.Keep doing the things that work, and recreate or stop doing the things that aren’t.
7.Have a bigger vision than you think is achievable.
8.Don’t wait, start now with one small step.
9.Look at your written goals at least twice a day.
10.Understand that Marketing is everything.
11.Don’t buy any online courses unless they have a “one on one “ component.
12.Persistence always wins…never give up.
May Peace, Joy and Happiness walk with you this Christmas.
“If you’d like to make pictures AND make money, bring Bernie into your business.
Bernie and Wendy will waste no time getting to the bottom of what doesn’t work and introducing an understanding of how your business can make more money. Expect a straight talking, no frills, tailored and expert approach.
They understand that no business is the same and they have an individual approach knowingthat all of us have our own niche and style of photography  business.
For us, we needed to realise that it wasn’t our images that held us back, not our team or our albums, it was our intense focus on all these things instead of the business of running a profitable business.
The post course contact ensures that we always have the support we need as new situations arise”. Best regards Sarah
“I put off calling Bernie for months and months. I was frustrated and stuck.
Within one phone call the fog lifted, he had simplified the way I was working, put plans in place and I finally had a direction which made sense and got me excited building my business again.
I just wish I had called Bernie months before. His systems just work.
Call Bernie right now.
Don’t wait and think it over like I did. It will be the best thing you will do for both you and your business.” Jenny
“Bernie has been an inspiration, he has taken my business from a small, just surviving home business into a full-time boutique studio. I have also seen my personal photography style grown and mature and am now attracting the kind of clients I want. I cannot thank Bernie enough for all of his time and effort and I am looking forward to working with him in the future.” Cheers  Kim
Let’s Do This Together!
When you are ready for some serious coaching…….
Bernie Griffiths
World’s Number One Photography Business Coach
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