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“I was ready to take the ‘next step’ to progress my home based business. The best thing that ever happened was I found Bernie. He gave me the confidence to raise my prices and re-evaluate my products. I have stepped up a notch. With Bernie’s strategies, my sittings have tripled! His support has given me much more confidence. He is part of my team.The best decision that I have ever made for my business was consulting with Bernie. I only wish I had done it much earlier”. Leesa Perry Photography

“Thank you for ever thing you have done and helped me with through out the year. I would not have achieved half of what I have with out your help and support. Already I have 19 wedding bookings for next year. I owe you big time.” Jeff Haywood

“Have I thanked you enough for changing the direction my business is going. Your experience in this industry is invaluable to whoever is thinking of going into business full time in the field of photography. This is our first ever Christmas since having my family that I have not stressed about money, I NOW HAVE MONEY!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be making Portrait sales as this”. Zaharoula Harris

“My business has grown since July 2009 more than I ever expected. My business grew with about 70% in income. I used to photograph weddings for almost nothing. You taught me how to value my work and how to sell it to customers. My portrait sittings have increased from 2 a month to 6 per week with an average sale of $1,300.
I am over the moon with my new figures!!! I have you to thank to for giving me a slice of your experience to feed myself of!! And lots of confidence! Thank you.” Adriana Harrison

“My business has gone from strength to strength here in Shepparton and earlier this year I was voted in top 10 wedding photographers in Capture Magazine, so thank you very much Bernie.” Liz Arcu

“I just wanted to thank you for the seminar. I learnt a lot and it was very inspiring. I think you have a great attitude towards business and I now feel next year I will be able to pursue my venture with a lot more confidence” Hayley Wilson Photography

Thanks for the weekend at Bernies.  Lots of food for thought for me.  I am a lot more wiser now, I just need to be brave enough to dangle my feet to get them wet. I look forward to doing more courses with you.Lynne Luhr

“A huge thanks to you Bernie for making the journey down to Hobart yesterday. Your idea of having multiple promotions running was a real confirmation of some discussion we had recently. We had never thought of employing a one day a week marketing person to arrange our promotions. What a great idea!!! Something that we will seriously consider implementing at the start of the new year.” Dean Mansbridge

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