The Pandemic has caused massive disruptions to photographers and their businesses over the last few months.

It is set to continue for more time yet.

So what do you do with all the plans that you may have to grow your business?

Delay them?

Forget about them?

Give up?

It might surprise you, but I have seen amazing growth during the pandemic with the photographers that I am coaching.

Unrelenting belief has seen results in the biggest steps forward for their business in many years.

Here’s how I turned what seemed like incredible obstacles into more customers and business growth.

I got my clients to remember what there were really chasing

When you’re chasing a goal of creating a photography business and something else starts eating away your precious time it can be frustrating.

We sometimes forget what we were chasing in the first place. I remembered that money and business success are just stepping- stones to getting what we really want.

Life events are often the more important things, needing our full attention and getting in the way of our photography business development.

We tend to ask questions like “Which photography business model is the best?” and “Which niche is more profitable?” as if we’re designing the perfect business on a blank canvas.

One of the breakthroughs is weeing the type of business that you need to fit your life and business goals.

Do your life and photography business work together or is it more like tug-of-war?

Is Now Your Time To Shine?

You have the tools for your photography, now you need the business tools to fill your business with customers.

Is it time for you to take the next step in your business?

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