Facebook advertising can be a maze of uncertainty. 

You often hear about other photographers earning 7 figures, and you go into Facebook, put up an ad, set a budget, and then wait for the leads to pour in. 

After a few weeks, something strange happens that you didn’t expect …Nothing!

You’ve poured all this money in and have a negative result. No leads.

Your frustration turns to anger and you decide that Facebook ads just don’t work for you, and you give up.

Spending money on Marketing without any kind of return is very frustrating

I bring you GOOD NEWS.

Facebook Ads DO WORK, and they can bring you in lots of money IF YOU DO THEM THE RIGHT WAY.

There are many so called Facebook experts out there and most of them certainly do not have the proven record that I have with my clients who earn thousand of dollars with Facebook Ads. Check my client list on my website www.berniegriffiths.com

You need to know these 10 things….

  1. What photograph to use in your ad
  2. What exact text you need to have
  3. How much money to spend a day to run the ad
  4. What your expected return should be
  5. What portrait genre to choose
  6. How much it should cost per lead
  7. How to follow up the leads
  8. What script to use on the phone
  9. How to convert the leads into portrait sessions
  10. How to scale your ads to earn more income

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.