A photography business can be full of stress and you can become anxious and fearful at times. Visualization

helps you to find a calm place and let go of whatever troubles you. In fact, numerous exercises
are geared entirely to finding your inner calm.

You Focus Better

When you practice visualization, you need to focus on the details of the vision for the best
possible outcome. Regularly practicing visualization will teach you how to better this kind of
intense concentration until it becomes second nature. This will benefit you in the future on
any task which requires this kind of focus.

You Become More Confident

When you’re already sure of the outcome, you cannot help but make you feel more confident
in your actions. You’ll find you even carry yourself differently, the more you practice
visualization and goal setting.

You’ll Procrastinate Less

One of the main reasons people procrastinate is because they fear the outcome. If you don’t
feel confident in what you’re doing, or in how someone is going to react to the work you do,
it’s natural to put it off. Instead, visualization has you already geared toward with success.
With less uncertainty in the outcome, there’s no reason to put it off, and you procrastinate

You Feel Inspired To Drive Your Business

Nothing gives you motivation like a solid goal clearly envisioned. With visualization, you gain
energy and enthusiasm about the future. You find yourself eager to get started and move
toward the future.

You Find Meaning in Your Photography

Last, but certainly not least, visualization helps you see beyond doing the day-to-day. You find
goals in your life and understand better what your ultimate purpose is. This is not to be
treated lightly, as finding meaning is what makes life worth living.

Of course, we’re not going to ignore the part where your visualization helps you to achieve
your personal goals

You Experience True Transformation

How can you possibly expect to achieve anything if you aren’t experiencing internal change?
Real success starts from within, with a new mindset and way of doing things. Otherwise, we’d
already all be super successful. Visualization actively seeks out this transformational path and
leads you where you want to go.

You Become Better at What You Do

Visualization gives you the ability to practice your skills even when doing so might be
physically impossible. Take the skier visualizing their next run down the mountain. By
imagining what it will look and feel like, they’re able to get in a practice where no snow is

Weirdly enough, this really works. Numerous studies have shown when people visualize doing
a task, they naturally performing better when it comes time to take action physically.

You Find it Easier to Learn

By opening your mind to visualization, you’re allowing new information to travel neural
pathways. This means you learn things faster than people who don’t spend time practicing
cognitive skills, pushing you toward faster achievement as well. 

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 New Mindset New Results

Don’t give up…learn how to do it. 

Too many business photographers get stuck serving any client who comes their way, as long as they’ve got a pulse and are willing do a photography session far too cheaply. 

Get enough of those, and it might even be almost enough to pay the bills…but certainly not enough to live the lifestyle you went into coaching to enjoy!

What’s the problem?

You and your clients are stuck in a transaction­-based relationship instead of a value-based relationship. This makes you more like a hired-hand than a trusted photographer.

But when you differentiate yourself, and change the way you think about your business, with marketing, and selling…

Suddenly, everything changes.

Instead of providing generic photography to anyone and everyone, you’ll be working with precisely chosen clients, and build a photography business that you that you can grow with confidence.

Suddenly, you’ll become an industry marketing expert—freeing you to charge more for your services, create better financial results for your family, and spend less time wondering where the next new client will come from.


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It won’t work if you’re not ready and willing to put in the work it takes to build your photography business you’ve been dreaming about.

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