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Bernie Griffiths is an International Photography Business Coach for clients all around the UK, Australia, Europe, and the USA.


International Award Winning Photography Business Coach

  • Learn how to determine who your target market is and why it’s essential for you to market directly to them.
  • Learn the importance of defining your business so that it is in tune with your lifestyle and goals.
  • Find out how to take the right kind of images and how to choose which images sell.
  • Learn why you shouldn’t take every client who’s interested in your services.
  • Learn how many photos to take per session and how many images to show clients at viewing time.
  • Find out how to simplify ordering with a proven selling system that will change your selling strategy forever.

Be Rewarded For Your Passion

Do you love photography but are struggling to run a business?

Running a successful photography studio is not just about taking amazing photos, it’s about the whole client experience. 

There are shortcuts that can lead you to accelerate your success, both in becoming a better photographer and in running a more profitable business.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an edge over your competition? Running a successful photography business without expert guidance can be daunting.

The photographers that succeed in the photography industry today, are good at marketing and promotion, as well as being good photographers.

If you are thinking of starting a new business you need to consider the steps to grow your business, or maybe you have been in business a few years and are not having the success that you once had.


Over 40 years’ experience running a successful wedding, portrait studio, and for the last 9 years as an International photography Business Coach.

Contact us now at info@berniegriffiths.com or phone +61 418 509 228

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