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August 2017 archive

Do Customers Only Buy On Price?

Talking to and advising photographers around the world in my role as a photography business coach, one of the objections I hear from photographers when I talk about putting up their prices is…..

“But… my clients buy based on price.”

This is perhaps true to a small degree, as some of your clients will buy on price, but certainly not the majority of clients that you want .

If people really did buy on price as some photographers starting out in the industry believe, I guess we would all be driving around in the cheapest car, wearing the cheapest clothes, drinking the cheapest wine, and everyone would be flying economy.

We would take our families on the cheapest holidays, never go to a restaurant, as we would cook all of our meals, from the cheapest ingredients.

I read an article just the other day about the world’s most expensive cars.

Cars like the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder WRE ($1.3 million), Lamborghini Centenario ($1.8 million), and Aston Martin Vulcan ($2.3 million).

I guess these car manufacturers wouldn’t be wasting their money and time if no one bought them.

It makes sense that most people don’t buy on price, even though we sometimes like to think we do because it’s the logical thing.

The fact is, the majority of our buying decisions are based on emotions.

Our decisions are emotions based, we then use logic to justify our purchasing decisions.

It is the logic that stops us feeling guilty for spending a large amount of money on a new pair of shoes, or may be an item of clothing.

So you might be thinking…

“OK Bernie…I understand that most people don’t buy based on price.

But what about the ones that do?”

Surely if I raise my prices I’m going to miss out on some sales. ”

Maybe so…

But if you think about all the worse clients you’ve ever had… I’m talking about the slow payers, the no payers and the complainers, you don’t really want them as customers anyway.

I would guess that they all have one thing in common.

Your conversations with them are ALL about price, and they were the type of customers who were always demanding more from you.

You must understand that those who do buy on price are always the customers who complain the most.

They are usually on a payment plan and default on payments.

Am I right?

What I find as a photography business coach, is that the  problem is, especially when a photographer starts their business or they are short of money, they don’t like to turn any business away.

The reality is that the subject of “pricing” is not just about how much you charge, but more about how you have positioned your photography business in the marketplace.

Position and price your photography to attract the customers that you want.

No one wants the super totally price conscious hard to get on with customer.

Not even me.

From Part Time To Full Time

Wanted to let you know that my interview on Photobizx is now LIVE.

In the interview I share a ton of good stuff on going from part time to full time in your photography business.

Check out the page and feel free to get involved with any comments asking any questions that come up.

The Show’s link:

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A Day For Photographers Adelaide

Thursday 21 September 2017

Atkins Photo Lab

89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town SA

9.30am – 4pm

Earlybird Price $67 (BOOK WITHIN 7 DAYS)


Get Rid Of Your Photography Business Frustrations!

After the fantastic success of the “A Day For Photographers” in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Cairns, we will be travelling to Adelaide, to help as many photographers as we can to grow their photography business.

The whole day will have a focus on what makes a photography business successful, and will include going through the following critical points. Sorting out Your Website, Social Media, Business Principles, creating a Price List, Photographing for Sales, Creating more Business, The Retail No Pressure Portrait Selling System and more….it will be a full day!

  1. Developing Your Photography Into A Clear Brand.
  2. Getting the Right Customers.
  3. Developing A Conversion System To Convert Leads Into Customers.
  4. Creating Your Price List To Maximise Sales.
  5. Marketing for a Constant Flow of Customers.
  6. Using the Marketing power of Social Media

Do You Lie Awake At Night Thinking How You Can Get More Customers?

Very few photographers implement Marketing strategies mainly because they don’t understand Marketing or quite simply they don’t know what to do.

Facebook and Instagram are great Marketing tools for those who are utilising their power.

Join us and let us show you exactly how you can bring in loads more customers.


BERNIE GRIFFITHS  The “Go To”  Photography Business Coach


After having a successful wedding/portrait studio for over 40 years, Bernie transitioned into being a Photography Business Coach.

He is now the “go to” coach for those studios looking at taking their business to the next level.

His studio experience, expertise in Facebook Marketing, and down to earth approach to business, has enabled him to help and guide photographers globally in growing their business processes, and generating thousands of dollars more income.

Bernie is widely recognised as Australia’s Leading Photography Business Coach, and his presentation will be on the 5 most important things that a photographer should focus on to build a successful photography business.

MURIELLE SASSINE  The Photography Queen of Social Media


Murielle has run a successful photography business from home for over 17 years, and has achieved great success with her sales in the areas of family portrait and glamour photography.Her portrait sales this year have been “mind blowing” and she had a record turnover for her business, over the past 12 months.She will outline how she uses Social Media to create new customers and continually strengthen her already strong brand.

MARK TRUMBLE   From Weddings To Dogs

BEING THE BEST SOHO YOU CAN BEStarting his home based photography business 25 years ago, Mark specialised in photographing weddings.Over the years the business has evolved to become one of Adelaides most successful studios, now specialising in photographing dogs.Mark will talk on how a photography business needs to specialise to have longevity and constant financial success when running a photography business from home.


Enquiries Ph 0418509228  Email

To Your Amazing Photography Business Success


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It’s Not Your Fault

If you are not making the money you want in your photography business…’s not your fault.

You just don’t know how to do it. Right?

Did you learn how to tie your shoe laces, walk, talk, swim, photograph, learn Photoshop, play the piano etc. etc.

Someone taught you how to do these things or you taught yourself.

If you are self-taught then I guess it took you much longer to learn.

So if your photography business isn’t progressing at the speed that you had hoped, it’s not your fault.

If you are working from home, there is always the constant temptation to work long hours.

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you check and answer emails in the evening when the kids are in bed.

If you are passionate about your photography and are constantly working on growing your business, you should work hard.

Only if working too much intrudes on and effects your family life negatively, should you re-evaluate your work ethic.

The opposite of working too much, is procrastinating on work related tasks.

There is an unlimited amount of things that you could do around the home instead of doing work related things.

Failure to keep up with your work-load could amplify and create a massive problem in a very short space of time.

Another potential problem is spending too much time on tasks which you enjoy and may not be generating income and neglecting the tasks you don’t.

Whether you have a shop front or work from home, there are in fact literally hundreds of tasks that you will have to learn if you want your photography business to survive.

You need a photography business Coach.

Fight The Resistance
Excerpt from Walt Hampton, J.D.
President and Chief Operating Officer
Book Yourself Solid(r) Worldwide

“I love the high summits. I can see forever.

I love to feel the wind on my face, revel in the exaltation, bask in the
sense of accomplishment.

Weeks, months, sometimes years of effort, wrapped up into a single glorious

But most of my time isn’t spent on the summits. It’s spent in the valleys.
And in the weeds.

I got to the end of last week feeling frustrated and exhausted. Despondent

I had done everything right. I had done my weekly planning, my daily goal
setting. I had mapped out my most important tasks.

Yet, when the week was done, all that I could say was that I had been
I hadn’t moved the dial on the projects that mattered most: the ones that
would change up the game, the ones that would truly make a difference.
I had avoided them.

(Even after writing this piece, I failed to make the choices that really


“Everyone has a little voice inside their head that’s angry and afraid,”
writes Seth Godin. “That voice is resistance – your lizard brain – and it
wants you to be average (and safe).”

My friend and mentor, Patrick Combs, says, we don’t identify sufficiently
the Immediate Impact Possibilities: the truly significant tasks that have
the potential to light our lives on fire. Instead, out of fear, out of
habit, and yes, out of resistance, we get caught in the repetitive cycle of
minutia. And stay stuck.

Thought leader John Assaraf goes a step further. He suggests that resistance
may be physiological, biochemical.

He says that he could provide an audience an exact blueprint for making five
times more money. And most of the audience wouldn’t follow it.
He says that when presented with an idea that has the potential to move us
outside our comfort zones, the cybernetic mechanism in our brains releases a
chemical that triggers a thought that allows us to rationalize why we’re ok
just where we are: no more, no less.

Resistance may be hard-wired. How scary and depressing is that.
But thankfully we’re not lizards. We still get to choose.

“Real artists ship,” says Steve Jobs. By artists he means all of us:
writers, speakers, artists, poets, experts, thought leaders, mavericks,
creators, dreamers. People of Might.

Shipping means getting the work done. Getting it out the door. Moving it out
into the world. Come hell or high water.

Godin writes, “Shipping isn’t focused on producing a masterpiece (but all
masterpieces get shipped). I’ve produced more than a hundred books (most
didn’t sell very well), but if I hadn’t, I’d never have had the chance to
write this one.

Picasso painted more than a thousand paintings, and you can probably name
three of them.”

“Not shipping on behalf of your goal of changing the world is often a
symptom of resistance,” says Godin. “Call its bluff, ship always, then
change the world.”

Only the work that ships matters.

Do the work. Ship the work. Do some more.

Resistance will always be there. But we can choose to climb above it.

Resistance works overtime “to be sure that you won’t do anything
remarkable,” writes Godin.

Climb above the weeds. Focus on the Immediate Impact Possibilities. Dare to
be remarkable.

Lizard is so last week. Don’tcha think?”””

To Your Amazing Photography Business Success

Photography Business Coach

Making A Difference In Photographers Lives



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Photobizx and Photography Business Coach


Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths of is responsible for the episode of PhotoBizX that has produced more leads, sales and discussion than any other – The Facebook Ad Challenge episode. I contacted Bernie for a follow up interview to ask him to share what listeners felt might have been the missing link when approaching the FB Ad challenge – how to sort the spenders from the non-spenders when offering free portrait sessions.

If you’re new here and want the full story of the Facebook Ad Challenge, how to structure your ad, what copy you’ll need to maximise results, which images to include and how to generate a lot of leads, shoots and sales. Go and trial the Photobizx Premium Membership for $1 and check out episodes 136 and 138 in the Premium Area. Then jump into the secret Facebook Group to see a lot of examples and discussion around these ads which have been used to book portraits, engaged couples and weddings for a lot of members.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview with photography business coach Bernie Griffiths:

What to expect when working with Bernie to seek help to grow your photography business

Photographers should drop their wedding photography and concentrate on portraits instead

Wedding photography is overly competitive while portrait photography is wide open

How you learn more from you losses than you do from your wins

How to improve chances of sales from Facebook Ads and “free” shoots

The three possible outcomes you should be seeking from your Facebook Ads

3 strategies that you need to implement into your photography business

Why a 15% lead conversion is ideal from your Facebook Ads

Engaged couples sessions are a portrait sessions and why you should treat them as such

Stop aiming for wedding bookings and consider the portrait sessions as the win from your ads

How to filter the spenders from the non-spenders amongst your leads

What content needs to be in your Facebook ads

Email open rates  – only 30% of people open their emails let alone read them

How to be successful with your client phone calls

The best rebuttal statement when clients decline to pay upfront during phone calls

The need to involve all involved parties when booking photo sessions

Grabbing people’s attention about your business is never a trick – it’s a marketing strategy

Why pre-consultations guarantee higher sales

How to work less yet earn more

The need to overcome every photographer’s mindset to book more sales

Planting the seed on how much clients are likely to spend after a photo session

Why it’s OK for clients to walk away after the mention “average spend” on free photo shoots

How to deal with objections from clients

Which is better: Adverts or Boosted Posts?

Replying to shares and comments on your FB Ads to keep the momentum and engagement going

Why you must include a call-to-action in your FB Ads

Changing photographer’s mentality to gain confidence in selling their images

Photographers deprive people of spending their money – how to stop doing that

Discounts are no longer motivators for client bookings

Marketing is all about doing multiple things at the same time

Chase your clients

How to increase your Facebook likes

How to target the right audience in your FB Ads

Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths Photography Podcast

Premium Photobizx Member Questions for Bernie

4 Facts That I Know, Based On My Experience, About Wedding/Portrait Photography.

These are good times for photographers who are business and marketing educated.

Many photographers today have a great photography business.

The consumer market demands good quality photography .

There is a strong demand for the right photography products.

When you learn how to attract the right clients, and once you discover how to sell to clients, and once you get busy and put into practice running a “real” business, and start to “test and measure” everything that you do, you will be well rewarded.

Your photography will be in demand if you market in the right way, and you will have a good income that can last a lifetime.

Lots of photographers are achieving great success, whether it be in the big cities or in country towns.

One of my clients in an outer city suburb has over 40 photography sessions booked in her diary.

Another client photographs over 400 portraits a year.

Four of my clients made monthly gross turnover records, while others have achieved amazing high sales.

The wedding photographer who was struggling getting couples to book, then on my advice simplified his wedding price list and booked the next two couples that he interviewed.

Believe me, these photographers didn’t believe that they could achieve such amazing results a few months ago either.

These are the reasons I love being a photography business coach.

What About You?

So what about you? Maybe as you read this you are wondering why you aren’t having as much success.

Maybe you have tried evrything and you still are not getting the  financial return that you would like.

You may also may have had your photography business for many years and are feeling tired and unmotivated.

It is all getting too hard.

I would like to offer a little advice.

I have a sticker on my laptop.

It says ” Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.”

So although some of my photography clients are having some success now, it hasn’t always been that way.

They have had their “low” moments in their business, and will probably have lots more in the future.

Everyone photography business owner does!

Even the most successful and accomplished photographer you know has days when they feel like they are banging their head against a brick wall.

Success in your photography business is partly to do with luck, but a lot of it is about having a plan, and consistently working towards what you’re trying to achieve.

Trust me. No one has a perfect photography business.

Your business, like life itself is a jouney, not a destination.

Bernie’s Fantastic Facebook Challenge

The Original Bernie’s Facebook Challenge.

Sweeping the world over the last 12 Months has been an amazing Facebook post that has revolutionised Facebook advertising for wedding/portrait photographers.

Globally  known as “Bernie’s Facebook Challenge” it started on three different podcast platforms.

Hundreds of photographers around the world have implemented the step by step strategies that I mentioned on the Podcasts and as a result they have photographed heaps of photography portrait and engagement sessions, and in the process have made many dollars in sales, not only in portrait sales but also in wedding bookings.

This is just one of the many marketing strategies that I use when I work with in my photography business coaching.


What  Andrew Hellmich from Photobizx Had To Say…………… 

“Last week I interviewed Bernie Griffiths, a photography coach who helps photographers attract clients and make sales. Anyway, he put forward a challenge to the listeners and me. The challenge: construct a FB post, boost it and get more bookings than ever before. I’ve done this a heap of times already but have never seen the success I did this week!

I ran my ad one week ago today and paid $30 to boost the post. My results so far have blown me away!

40 Enquiries about the shoots, 17 confirmed bookings, 14 potential clients we’ve left messages for and are yet to hear from 9 potential clients to call back following voice mail messages they’ve left for us over the weekend.”

To Your Amazing Photography Business Success Your Photography Business Coach