Thursday 21 September 2017

Atkins Photo Lab

89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town SA

9.30am – 4pm

Earlybird Price $67 (BOOK WITHIN 7 DAYS)


Get Rid Of Your Photography Business Frustrations!

After the fantastic success of the “A Day For Photographers” in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Cairns, we will be travelling to Adelaide, to help as many photographers as we can to grow their photography business.

The whole day will have a focus on what makes a photography business successful, and will include going through the following critical points. Sorting out Your Website, Social Media, Business Principles, creating a Price List, Photographing for Sales, Creating more Business, The Retail No Pressure Portrait Selling System and more….it will be a full day!

  1. Developing Your Photography Into A Clear Brand.
  2. Getting the Right Customers.
  3. Developing A Conversion System To Convert Leads Into Customers.
  4. Creating Your Price List To Maximise Sales.
  5. Marketing for a Constant Flow of Customers.
  6. Using the Marketing power of Social Media

Do You Lie Awake At Night Thinking How You Can Get More Customers?

Very few photographers implement Marketing strategies mainly because they don’t understand Marketing or quite simply they don’t know what to do.

Facebook and Instagram are great Marketing tools for those who are utilising their power.

Join us and let us show you exactly how you can bring in loads more customers.


BERNIE GRIFFITHS  The “Go To”  Photography Business Coach


After having a successful wedding/portrait studio for over 40 years, Bernie transitioned into being a Photography Business Coach.

He is now the “go to” coach for those studios looking at taking their business to the next level.

His studio experience, expertise in Facebook Marketing, and down to earth approach to business, has enabled him to help and guide photographers globally in growing their business processes, and generating thousands of dollars more income.

Bernie is widely recognised as Australia’s Leading Photography Business Coach, and his presentation will be on the 5 most important things that a photographer should focus on to build a successful photography business.

MURIELLE SASSINE  The Photography Queen of Social Media


Murielle has run a successful photography business from home for over 17 years, and has achieved great success with her sales in the areas of family portrait and glamour photography.Her portrait sales this year have been “mind blowing” and she had a record turnover for her business, over the past 12 months.She will outline how she uses Social Media to create new customers and continually strengthen her already strong brand.

MARK TRUMBLE   From Weddings To Dogs

BEING THE BEST SOHO YOU CAN BEStarting his home based photography business 25 years ago, Mark specialised in photographing weddings.Over the years the business has evolved to become one of Adelaides most successful studios, now specialising in photographing dogs.Mark will talk on how a photography business needs to specialise to have longevity and constant financial success when running a photography business from home.


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To Your Amazing Photography Business Success


photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.