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Having spent many years as a wedding/portrait photography business, I often get asked how I have managed to sustain a successful business over such a long period of time. I feel that there is only one answer to the longevity in my business.

That answer is that I have constantly changed my products and my marketing approach, and I have always kept ahead of what competitors were doing. I always aspired to be a leader, not a follower. In today’s environment it is even more important to do things differently.

How can YOU survive in such an environment?  YOU need a competitive edge. You need to re-think what you are doing and prepare for the future.

Over recent years there has been a major shift in consumer behaviour. The digital revolution and online purchasing, has forced us to re-evaluate the way we do business.

As a result, it has become necessary to re-invent what we do, or simply do it differently. We have to look at new ways to attract clients by giving them products, services and a quality that they cannot produce themselves.

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