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Don’t Be Discouraged!

Your Photography Business is About to Scale the Charts of Popularity!
There is only one question you have to ask yourself:

How do you make your business stand out in a field as competitive as photography, so that you can earn a good income?

If you can’t provide a solid answer to this one question, your business will never climb to the heights you want it to. Granted, it may seem like I’m putting far too much importance on one question, but, the questions that truly matter in life always have life changing implications. This is the million dollar question, and I feel that I have the answer!

When it comes to running a consistently successful photography business, your approach is everything. There are many quality photographers who have very little business. This generally isn’t because their work is questionable; it’s due to the fact that their Marketing approach is either outdated or not compatible with their customers’ needs.

Positioning Is The Key

For example, if you want to take over the wedding photography market, the last thing you want to do is advertise that you take family portraits or even senior photos. Why? When first trying to build a customer base, it’s better to be known for high quality work in one category instead of an inconsistent all-in-one photographer.

Think of your photography business as a specialty clothing store; and think of your all-in-one competitors as a retail chain that carries everything. Now, they may scoop up some of the clients due to their “multi-faceted” nature, but they are also building a reputation as The Cheap Option. And though this is good for the bargain hunters, the big hitters will never come near them. After all, if you need clothes for a special event, you shop at the specialty store. The same is true of your customers.

If you want the leisure that comes with longevity, your focus in the beginning shouldn’t be about landing a client here or there, instead it’s about building a good reputation, and a solid business foundation.

My name is Bernie Griffiths and I have run a highly successful photography business over the last forty years. I have a deep well of knowledge available to anyone who wants to not only see their photography business grow but absolutely flourish.

I have years of experience as a small business owner, and as a Marketer, Presenter and Small Business Coach and Consultant, and I am here to help you!

Join us for regular tips and your FREE copy of “7 SIMPLE STRATEGIES TO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS” or contact us today to make a coaching appointment.

I want to help you build something that lasts. I am here to guide you in growing your business and getting results. I am not going to rehearse the same old strategies you’ve heard a million times before! I want to personally work with you in your business to help you get over the obstacles that are holding you back.

Contact me today to schedule a coaching session. It’s time to take your photography business to the next level.

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