World’s Number One Photography Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Business Strategist

I came across this in Linkedin last week.

I wondered who had given me the title of the Worlds Number One Photography Business Coach.

Then while talking to one of my clients they told me that they had given me the title.

Jenn and Jim Lindberg have a studio based in Lockhart in Texas.
They struggled for many years trying to break into the “high end” canvas painterly portrait side of the portrait market.

Less than 12 months ago I took them on a different journey. 

A far more modern approach where we specialise in much more in demand and modern Acrylics.

Last month they did 45 sessions at an average of $2,444 per sale! Amazing!

Jenn and Jim named me The World’s Number One Photography Coach many months ago and now their vision of me I feel has been fulfilled.

Learn more about their journey here….VIDEO
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World’s Number One Photography Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Business StrategistInternational Photography Business Coach and Consultant.

Bernie Griffiths has many years experience running a successful photography Business.
He started his career in England, as a photographer on a local newspaper. Bernie photographed his first wedding when he was only 15 years old.

He then spent a two years as chief photographer with P & O Lines travelling the world.He opened his own small business in Melbourne when only 23 years old.

Bernie has conducted business courses and seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand over many years, mentoring Micro Business owners.

He is dedicated to help out frustrated small business owners, motivate and guide them, with seminars, workshops, mentoring, consultancy, and with the sole aim of helping financial success, both with their business, and to live a better life.

Bernie is a “down to earth“ person who can relate to all areas of business. He has walked the path as a small business owner, and knows the short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your success, as a business owner.

He is now regarded as the World’s Number One Photography Business Ccoach.

“The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Photography Business.”

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.