Just over 12 months ago while in my role as the world’s only full time, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day photography business coach, and coaching many photographers around the world, I had this thought…. wouldn’t it be great if portrait and wedding photographers could easily get paying subjects in front of their cameras.
Getting customers is the biggest challenge photographers have and let’s face it, if we aren’t pressing that camera button, we aren’t making any money.

So with the clients I was coaching at the time we did heaps of test ads on Facebook, and after 3 months I finally came up with a method that guaranteed getting paying customers to their photography business.

We kept refining what we were doing and the results were amazing.

My clients began to make thousands of dollars from their small investments with Facebook advertising.

We had the magic wand, the silver bullet, the answer to the Facebook puzzle.

A simple inexpensive way to get paying clients.

I became really excited!

I felt I needed to get this out to all photographers around the world so I contacted Andrew Hellmich from PhotobizX, and asked him if I could go onto his podcast show so that I could spread the word about this amazing advertising magic.

He agreed to my request, and so I put out a Facebook Challenge to all the photographers listening to the podcast, to do a Facebook ad, and to do it exactly the way I detailed in the show.

Well that was over 12 months ago and since that time Andrew has been inundated with questions about “Bernies Facebook Challenge.”


Join Bernie’s Facebook Movement
In a nutshell, the course is a step by step tutorial on how to craft an ad to appeal to a photographers perfect target market (with lots of examples).

Also included are sample ads, questionnaires from members that are actually in use and everything a course purchaser will need to attract more leads, bookings and sales.
Following the post creation, there are videos showing how to set up your ad inside the ads manager and use the best targeting for fast results.

There are “role play” audio recordings demonstrating how to book the right clients for shoots and pass on the ones who are only after a free shoot and print.

Testimonials flowed in after my appearance on the podcast from those who had done it, and the results were amazing.

PBX Member James Westray says: “What a fantastic course… Super easy to breeze through and it’s all killer, no filler.”

“Just buy it, you will start making money as fast as you start phoning and shooting sessions”. Jerry Van

“Delighted to say I’ve just gone and booked a ‘destination’ wedding in Finland next year, off of one of my first FB Ad Challenge engagement shoots this weekend”. Darren Lehane

“I have followed Andrews instructions to the letter and in 24 hours I have 24 completed questionnaires, 2 wedding enquiries and the ad has been seen by 4,000 people. This stuff is gold. All for £20, and I have 6 days left to run”. Simon Hawkins

“I just wanted to drop you a message about the Facebook Ad Challenge! What the? My mind has been blown! The reach was over twenty thousand, nearly a hundred people applying for the shoot, three wedding enquires, and nearly a hundred page likes! I can’t wait to do the shoots, I’ve got people wanting pictures in tattoo studios because they are tattooists, people on dirt bike tracks, couples in the sea at sunset, and powder paint fights on the beach! Amazing! Honestly man, can’t thank you guys enough for putting this together.” Daz Mack

From a Facebook ad last month.

Check the stats above..14,620 people reached..51 shares..150 likes..129 comments.

Facebook ad cost was $50.

Ok…So You Want This Right?

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Ok…You Want to Know How Much?

$47 for a very short while.

Who Is This For? It’s for YOU!

You have come this far so stop stalling and go to the link. www.photobizx.com/berniegriffiths/16

Being the world’s only full time, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day photography business coach, I am telling you this works.

Do you need more complete photography busines strategies to grow your photography business?

Real Coaching. Real Photographers. Real results.

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Bernie Griffiths
Bernie Griffiths

photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.