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The Times They Are A’Changing.

Nothing stays the same right?

And sometimes, you have to let go of the old, to make way for the new.

For some photography business owners this is hard.

They stubbornly cling to antiquated marketing ideas, but the world has moved on.

They keep trying to sell stale images and outdated products, while the market is crying out for the new and fresh photography and the more trendy products .

It’s a big mistake… but I see it all the time.

Over the forty plus years, I’ve come to a conclusion… a conclusion that will help you and your photography business in the uncertain times that are ahead.

And it is this …

The only way to survive and thrive in your business is through constant re-invention of forever changing and adapting to what your market wants.

Coaching photographers around the globe I have a great insight into the style of photography that people want and the products that they are paying thousands of dollars for.

Would you like to know what these are?

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