Converting prospects into clients can be the most challenging part of the business for many photographers.

They may know exactly who their target market is, and where to find them.

For these photographers, it’s not lead generation that’s the biggest challenge – it’s lead conversion.

When photographers struggle with getting their conversion right, the problems usually come up in the sales session.

Prospects give you excuses about why they can’t buy now or they put up resistance to the prices you’re charging.

Other times, you may be close to making a good sale, but then the customer changes their mind.

Ahhhg !…… I hate that!

For photographers struggling with lead conversion, it’s usually because the prospect has set the criteria for what they want in a photographer, and not what the photographer expects from the client.

This means that the customers start running your photography business, and that is never going to work well.

The solution isn’t to follow a prospect’s wants – it’s for you to set the rules of engagement.

When you set your rules, you’re in control of the sales process, not the other way around.

The first thing to do when setting the buying criteria is to make sure that the customer is fully aware of your expectation that they are going to purchase products from you, and that they follow your set of processes.

Then, you can keep them in control and nurture them forward.

Finding out their hot button is also very important as this is the reason that they will buy.

Some hot buttons are obvious, like they have never had a family portrait taken, but have always wanted one.

Others aren’t quite so obvious, but it is important to find out what they are.

You must also ask yourself the question as to what value does the prospect gain from working with you as a photographer, compared to all the other photographers out there?

And don’t tell me it is your great looks and amazing personality!

Getting the “right” clients becomes the big benefit at sale time when your clients hand you their credit card.

What objections do you get when it comes to the sale?

Handling objections correctly is the key to closing the sale.

Last month my special guest on my private Facebook Inner Circle Group was photographer and super sales person Gary Glenn.

Gary explained the formula he uses to counteract the objections in the viewing room.

Watch the video HERE

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