Knowledge and understanding of your target market is the keystone in the arch of your business.  Without it, your product or service positioning, pricing, marketing strategy, and eventually, your business may quickly fall apart.

If you don’t intimately know your target market, you run the risk of making mistakes when it comes to establishing pricing, photography products.  Your marketing strategy will lack direction, and produce mediocre results at best.  Even if your marketing message and unique selling proposition(USP) are clear, and your brochure is perfectly designed, it means nothing unless it arrives in the hands (or ears) of the right people.

Determining your target market takes time and careful diligence.  While it often starts with a best guess, assumptions cannot be relied on and it is better to do some research. Remember that your target market is not always your ideal market.

Once you build an understanding of who your target market is, you then have to keep your market research up to date.  Having your finger on the pulse of their motivations and drivers – which naturally change – will help you to anticipate needs or wants and evolve your business.

Definition Of Marketing

Marketing is strategically connecting with a targeted audience, to lead them to your business to purchase some of the products that you have to offer, at a price that they are willing to pay.

Focus Your Time On The MARKETING of your Business.

Strategies To Get Customers To Your Business

1. Book or Calendar Project

2. Competition Box

3. Third Party Gift Program

4. Face Book Advertising

5. Email Marketing

6. Referral Program

7. Free Publicity

8. Charity Project

Segmenting Your Market

For example, the Newborn target would be females between the ages of 25 and 45, within 30klms of your business who’s interests are motherhood, parenting, babies, and childhood.

Where do your customers come from?

Most photographers would probably choose prospects from their website, referrals or advertising as an answer. 

The majority of your customers will come from leads that you have been able to convert into customers. Each customer then goes through a process before they arrive with their wallets open. 

So, would it not stand to reason then, that when you advertise or send any marketing material out to your target market, that you’re not really trying to generate customers?  That instead, you’re trying to generate leads.

When you look at your marketing campaign from this perspective, the idea of generating leads as compared to generating customers seems a lot less daunting.  Seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

1.         New Born Babies

2.         Families

3.         Mother and Daughter

4.         Pets

5.         Glamour

6.         Kids

7.         Dads and Sons

8.         Babies 6-9 months

9.         Generations

10.       Engaged Couples

11.       Pregnancy

12.       Boudoir

Portrait Session Goal

Your goal should be to have a minimum of 20 sessions in your diary at any one time. 

Social Media Goals

Minimum of 5 Facebook/Instagram Posts a week.

Minimum of 1 Google Plus post a week.

Minimum of 1 Blog a month.

Minimum of 1 Newsletter monthly.

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