Taking your photography business to the next level?

Feeling stuck, confused, short on money, can’t convert your portrait email enquiries into bookings?

Don’t know how and where to advertise, unable to get any enquiries?

Are you confused at all the information on the internet that you thought could help you?

Have you downloaded and read heaps of eBooks and watched lots of YouTube Videos on how to progress your photography business?

You don’t know how to get the phone to ring, and when you do you often attract unqualified tyre-kickers who waste your time?

You may not know what photography Marketing Strategies are available to you.

You may be unsure of whether to invest your money into Social Media, Google Adwords, magazine advertising, a new web site, getting more traffic, writing Blog posts or creating an email newsletter to keep your customers connected.

Wherever you are at this point of time in your photography business, I have been there at some point in my 40 years of owning a wedding/portrait studio.

I built my wedding/portrait photography business up from nothing to a $750,000 dollar a year turnover in just a few years.

I have coached and consulted with respected Photography businesses from Start Ups to Triple Master Photographers, in Australia and New Zealand.

These Photographers are Doing It.

The photographers that I coach  implement Marketing Strategies that I have introduced, and between them have turned over more than a million dollars in the last 2years.

One strategy I gave to a New Zealand photographer, has given her over 50 pet photography sessions in just over 3 months…great to have in the winter when business is usually very quiet.

Another Photographers had a turnover of over $100,00 from a family portrait promotion that I had created, and another who has lifted her wedding photography packages from $1,950 to over $4,500 – $7,500 in a short time, and another who took 5 wedding bookings in just one week.

And this from a client last week…

“The numbers from the two Facebook competitions and the Mothers Day promotion are starting to come in and here’s what we’ve learnt:

The average sale was $1,350.

The second Facebook promotion (i.e., getting entrants to fill out a form on our website rather than just hit ‘like’ resulted in only 11 leads but 9 booked shoots (no viewings/sales yet) whereas the first comp gave us 48 voucher winners, of which 29 gave us their addresses, 19 booked sessions with an average sale of $1,300”.

You need customers.

You have the tools for your photography, now you need the business tools to fill your business with customers.

Reading about it, or listening to podcasts, or watching videos or going to seminars, isn’t quite the same as getting personal support, is it?

Do you realise that anyone who has achieved success has paid a price in commitment of money and time?

Action is everything.

Stop Looking For Everything for  FREE.

You went out and bought a Tv, car, camera, lens, computer.


INVEST in YOU and building that photography business.

You will be well financially rewarded.

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.