Working for yourself and going down the path to self-employment is only as
possible as you make it. Learn how you can make the leap to running your very
own portrait photography business.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of starting your own business, but you’ve hesitated to
dive in because you don’t know how to work for yourself. Having been self-
employed owning a photography studio for over four decades, I can say it’s
not as intimidating or improbable as it seems.

Benefits of working for yourself

It’s not difficult to imagine the benefits of working for yourself. A few
advantages easily spring to mind, but here are a few of the factors that usually
drive people to start on their dream of owning their very own photography


As a photography business coach, I have learned that for most photographers who start their own business it is about seeking freedom. The freedom to pursue
your passions while earning a living from them. The freedom to set a schedule
that works with your life. The freedom to grow and evolve as a human being
on your terms, not based on the needs of a corporation. The freedom to know
that there is no limit on the amount of money you could earn.

Your business is your baby, so having a solid proven business model and
pouring time into it, pays you dividends directly, unlike a traditional employer
relationship. It also provides a flexible schedule — one of the great allures of
working for yourself.

If you work at home, you can take a day off to be with a sick child without the
risk of raising the ire of your boss. Or you can structure and plan your days to
optimize towards a balance between your business and commitments to family
and yourself.

Decision-making power

It’s your business. You call the shots. You make the final decisions. No more
spending hours making a case for your ideas to the boss. If you want to try a
concept, go for it. Test and measure.

This is also one of the great benefits of being self-employed. You work in the
way you see fit. You evolve and grow the business in the direction you want it
to go. It’s all yours to create and shape.


In the beginning when you’re trying to capture your first clients, it may seem
like the income you generate is a downside. In reality, over time, you can
exceed the income you made at a traditional job.

That’s because there’s no ceiling to what you can make. As long as you keep
growing your business, your income potential is unlimited. You’re not at the
mercy of an employer deciding how much, or even if, a pay raise is warranted.

What to consider if you’re deciding to work for yourself

When considering how to work for yourself, dwelling only on the benefits of
entrepreneurship can paint a picture that’s a little too rosy.

In reality, there are plenty of downsides in addition to the upsides, and that’s
why many choose to work for someone else. Reflect on these factors before
deciding to work for yourself. 

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