Most photographers (including myself) jump right in to starting a business, trying to figure out how to succeed and thinking that all they really needed to know was in their head, or they would learn it from their own experience.

But it all takes so long.

I found some old financial records last week, and was surprised to see that it took me 12 years before I “turned the corner” in my business.

Things can happen a lot quicker in today’s world with greater technology and of course the internet.

I made a note and circled the month it happened, and wrote the words “The Turning Point.”

That month I employed my first staff member.

My monthly turnover started to double each month.

I had a business that was growing, and it did so for many years.

I reflected on how I had sustained my passion and motivation for such a long period of time, before my success.

It was important that I had finally learned the lesson of the how to, but my drive was in my want to.

I wanted to succeed, and that want never left me, even now as a Photography Business Coach.

My photography studio from day one was my only source of income, so I was driven to succeed.

You must have a strong want for you photography business to grow and prosper.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want this business to succeed?”

Have a conversation with yourself write down the answers where you can look at them each day.

Develop a strong want to succeed to continually grow your photography business, that you have created for yourself and your family.

It is very rewarding.

Photography Business Coach

photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.