What an amazing success my clients Jenn and Jim have achieved. With some guidance and direction through my coaching their portrait studio went from financially struggling, to a million dollar turnover last year. 😊

A new interview just went live on Photobizx and features the talented Jenn Lindberg and her incredible story of success.
The email from Jenn that led to this episode is below…

My dream of getting eight qualified clients a month still seemed so far off.

Fast forward to today…my husband, Jim, and I have turned over 1 million USD gross in the last 12 months. We live in a small Texas town, population 14k, and specialize in B&W family portraits.

Listening to several of your podcasts literally changed our lives for beyond the better. It still honestly feels unreal at times!

So please know what you are doing is bringing so much value to people’s lives every day, even the quiet ones who don’t often say much.

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This is how you make money quickly as a portrait photographer

What others in the Membership have said……

“With every customer that walks through the door, my average sales are over $2,000 and I could not be happier.” John Glaser, Texas

“My business has grown about 80% in income”. Kelli Wilke, Delaware

“Best decision that I have ever made for my business was consulting with Bernie”. Brian Kellogg, Ohio


This is how you make money quickly as a portrait photographer

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