As a photography business coach, I teach a lot of photographers how to market themselves.

Some photographers think that Marketing doesn’t work for them, or that it is just not effective. 

Some plan to do it “someday.”

And some just do it !

If you are one of those photographers who are really serious about starting or growing a photography business, then I have some great news for you.

I can help you!

From just $149 a month, with no commitment to continue, so totally risk free.

Let 2021 be a different year for you.

Let it be a year where you made a decision to do whatever it takes to get your photography business going.

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These are a couple of photographers that you will meet in my INNER CIRCLE GROUP.

INCREDIBLE…A few weeks before coming onboard with Bernie I booked a “Family on the Beach” photo session. Had I used my old pricing I would have made $545 with the photos they purchased and the session fee. They ordered 5 digital files, on a flash-drive, paid the invoice for $950, I dropped off the flash-drive this evening. With the session fee I made $1,145 for less than 5 hours work total!! Thank you Bernie. I can’t wait for my next IPS later this week – goal $2,000 sale!! Chris Cottrell, Jacksonville, Florida.  

SO MANY WASTED YEARS…I wish I’d met you 20 yrs ago, I’d be retired :)I worked 2 hrs this weekend, Audra did a sales zoom Friday night for me, in 4 days I sold nearly $6,500 and I really didn’t work much at all.. crazy. I want to refund all my weddings coming up and just hang out w my kids.  32 family sessions on the books. 20 headshots over a couple of days at 275 each without files for a company (I’ve never asked this much )  6 weddings still going forth with their plans. 2020 not as bad as it seems. Thank you Bernie.  Kelli Wilke, Wilmington, Delaware.

photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.