A Soft Easy Selling System making your skills and your business appear valuable is essential, because not only will you start to believe it’s true, others will too. If you value yourself highly, it is more than likely others will value you highly too.

Hard sell can sometimes appear to be desperation. If all the right things are in place, the sales will generally fall into place. Selling is always a numbers game, a business of averages. Giving people the opportunity to buy in a non-pressured environment will give you the best result. In other words giving the client a product that they want, at a price they are willing to pay.

Is your work worthy of the price that you are charging for it? I suppose that we have all had those bad experiences with salespeople who were pushy, and use all those clever salesperson-type questions that lead you to say yes when you meant no! I didn’t want to be like that.

I had one of those experiences, and from that day I vowed that I would never be that type of salesperson with the selling of my photography. So I came up with a fantastic sales system that I call my “retail sales system”. No pressure on the customer, and no pressure on me.

A system that anyone can implement in their photography business, to maximize the sales, and leave the customer feeling happy with their purchase. You need to be successful at selling your photography, but at the same time, you do not want to put your customers under pressure or make them feel uncomfortable in any way about purchasing your images. You must always build trust with your customer.

This can be done by being open with your pricing and having knowledge of your product. It is amazing how many photographers that I have spoken to, do not sound convincing when I ask them their prices or to describe their various photography products.

By asking emotive questions like “How do you feel about that?” will also help the customer to mentally evaluate what they really like. You must be patient when you are selling your images. Do not rush the sales process, as it is a process that should be allowed to come to its own conclusion. Allowing one hour for the sales presentation is usually the amount of time that should give you the desired result

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.