How to Bank $10,000 to $20,000 Per Month in photography revenue

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  • 1

    Why photography can become a well-respected, ultra-profitable profession and why a lot of photographers are succeeding around the world

  • 2

    How you can make an hourly rate that most big-city attorneys would drool over, while helping capture priceless memories for your clients

  • 3

    Why starting a photography business used to be cost-prohibitive but isn’t anymore. (A decade ago, the outlay of cash to get a photography business coaching practice up and going would often total $50,000 or more. Now, it’s just a fraction of that!)

  • 4

    Why you don’t need to have a degree in business or in photography to succeed as a photography business owner, and what you DO need to be successful…

  • 5

    Exactly what top-tier photographers did to build a successful businesses from the ground up, even with little money, or previous experience

  • 6

    How to market yourself successfully, so that you don’t waste time on cold calls, banging your head against the wall with tire kickers who aren’t serious, or HOPING—instead of KNOWING—how many clients you’ll close this month

  • 7

    The secrets for picking a high-paying niche that lines up beautifully with your passion and experience

  • 8

    How to regularly haul in high-quality clients who $1,000 PLUS per client for your photography, and STOP time wasters and low spenders…

  • 9

    What to use the in the latest technological advancements to get everything you need to build an ultra-profitable photography business quickly and inexpensively for just hundreds of dollars, instead of hundreds of thousands!

  • 10

    How any new photographer can get a comprehensive selling system, world-class training and education, and marketing strategies that work, all backed by an iron-clad guarantee that virtually eliminates your financial risk!

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Bernie Griffiths


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