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Level 1 Membership

Become a member of our Six Figure Photography Coaching Group and receive  tips and videos on all aspects of your photography, and photography business.  Membership includes access to our closed Inner Circle Facebook Group and a “one on one”  60 minute Skype session every 4 months.

Monthly membership $97 a month.

Level 2  Getting Started Course

This course is designed for those photographers who are just starting out to create their photography business. With weekly Skype sessions over a 5 week period covering Pricing, Marketing, Selling, and Photography, this course will guide you and give you all the knowledge in setting up a solid foundation for your photography business. Email and phone contact between Skype sessions.

One payment.

Level 3  Business Boost Coaching Program

A great program to start to move your business forward. Created for photographers looking to advance their business on a longer term basis. Personal Mentoring with one personalised 60 minute Skype session every two weeks. We will guide you so that you will gain confidence and clarity with your price list, marketing, products, and photography sales. Unlimited email and phone contact.

Monthly payments for six months.

Level 4  Signature Coaching Program

The Signature Program is for those photographers who want to accelerate the success of their photography business. Weekly 60 minute Skype sessions over a 12 month period will make you accountable, while new marketing strategies and fresh ideas, will give accelerated growth in your business. Bernie’s Signature Coaching gives you direct, weekly access to Bernie and his proven business growth strategies.

Monthly payments for 12 months.

Level 5  Signature Plus Coaching Program

Our top coaching program directed toward the photographer who wants to progress quickly toward their goals with a 60 minute Skype session each week, plus unlimited email and phone consultation, and a full day studio visit after 6 months. Bernie would work with you to develop a business plan, outline key customer acquisition strategies, guide you through the program to develop your confidence in a sales situation, and give you all the tools to move your photography business forward.

Monthly payments for 12 months.


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