A few years ago, I was a wedding photographer and really enjoyed the excitement of a wedding day.

I was very happy in my wedding photography business, and doing very well, or so I thought.

I was new to business and surprised that people were going to pay me good money to do what I loved.

But fairly quickly things started to break down.

The money seemed good, but I became exhausted after photographing a wedding. So many hours.

In thinking of my future direction, I also realised that I would need to photography heaps more weddings to if I was to scale my business. 

The thought of being away from my family every weekend for years scared me.

 I was starting to burn out more and more from all the hours of photographing, meeting couples, and many hours behind the computer culling and editing.

I did a few “numbers” and found that after all the time, travel, and all the other expenses, photographing weddings wasn’t making me much money at all.

I just could not keep on doing this.

I had missed most of my kid’s sports days, and even the odd birthday or two.

I needed to change what I was doing, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to go on much longer doing what I was doing.

You also may have had that feeling that you were going to crash and burn, just like I did!

I thought that there had to be a better way to earn money from my photography.

A way to make more money without having to work more hours.

I saw lots on the internet in various photographers forums about photographers doing big sales from photographing families, newborns, and pets.

So I decided to give it a go.

Problem was that I didn’t have a studio.

A friend of mine had a spare room in his factory, so I set up a backdrop and a couple of lights, and did a few test shoots on my own family.

I managed to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Then I did some of a friend’s family, and showed the images the same day on a TV.

Amazingly they spent $1,845 for a wall print and some digital files….nearly as much as I charged for a wedding!

At the exact moment that I made that sale, I had a “light bulb” moment that change the direction of my life.

No more weddings!

I was to become a portrait photographer.

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