One of the photographers that I am coaching John Glaser, sent me this today ……….

“Crazy sales story from today…

Had a zoom sale with a slam dunk client that my associate photographer did the photo session. The dad even came back to the studio to look at the products a second time on the day of the session.

When we were on the zoom dad said he was taken back by my pricing (I send an email before their zoom with the full pricing list) and said he did a session where he got all of the digitals for $500. He admitted my photos were a lot better but didn’t expect such a difference in price. 

I wanted to say “well you just said why they are more expensive haha.” After asking if I could budge on the pricing, where I said “No,” he said sorry we are going to have to pass.

5 minutes after we hung up from the zoom he calls me and says that right after the zoom his wife called and said he was buying a collage. So we put together a 30×30 collage. I sent him the invoice and he asked if 30×30 was the largest option…I told him I have a 40×40″ option. He said let’s do that one. Now my zero sale went from a 0 sale to a $4,000 sale.

About 20 minutes after we ended our call he calls me back again asking me more about my framing options (where add 15% to the sale). I told him about the frame options and he said he wanted to do a frame. Then asked…I know you have the “I Want It All” option and said “If I am going to spend $4,000 I might as well do $6,000.” Then proceeded to upgrade to the “I Want It All.”

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