Chase The Dream….No Excuses.

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The Sales Approach That Sells Without “Selling”

Have No Fear of Closing
Chase The Dream….No Excuses.
I have owned and operated three successful photography studios over a period of 45
years. The reason for their success was that I developed a “soft sell” system that took
the pressure off me when it came to the sale. I was able to go into the sales process relaxed, and with confidence that I would maximise the sale to each and every customer.
Solid, predictable and consistent selling systems are the heart and life blood of any business.
I must admit that I did learn from my mistakes, of which I made many. Selling can be pressure for both the customer and the sales person.
It took me many years to realise that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.
Of course I have read numerous books on selling. They never gave a specific step by step of the process.
So here is mine. It is powerful and it may appear too simple for your brain to accept, but believe me it is based on my specific experience over thousands of portrait sales that have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into my bank account.
My “soft sell” system gave me a very high average sale. It changed my mindset. It will change yours if you let it. Don’t fight it, simply try it. Test it.
I believe that you can at least double your average sale.
You can easily lose thousands of dollars if you do not do your selling correctly.
Imagine if you only increased your average sale by just $100, over 50 sales that would equate to $5,000!
Most photographers do not see themselves as salespeople. That is why they fail, in the most important part of their business. Ninety-five percent of photographers in sales are failing miserably.
Change what you are doing and you’re going to succeed.

In my coaching I consistently see photographers break all their records in sales. How exciting is that! Imagine not having to close a sale, and instead the customers closing their own sale!
Just relax and let the system do its work. Let it come to its natural conclusion. You have to combat the fear of the sale closing, to overcome that obstacle.

Let The Customer make their own Decisions.
Forget what you would like the customer to buy. Let them decide on what they based on the information that you have given them.
Never Prejudge
Do not prejudge what the customer can or cannot afford. Don’t think that the customer doesn’t have the money to invest a lot in photography. This is a big business coach  I have known a customer deprive themselves of a new car, choosing rather to spend thousands with me, on family photographs.

Never Underestimate The Value of a Lifetime Customer
By not prejudging a customer, you can open your mind to the possibility that this customer will come back again and again over the years. Let your presentation, be carried by this excitement, enthusiasm, and belief.
Dress for Success
If you dress for success, the customer is more likely to take your higher prices seriously. I don’t mean over the top, but I do mean that you should dress professionally. Whether you are male or female dress appropriately when you are selling. It will have a positive effect on your sales presentation.
Practice, Practice, Practice
You must practice your selling system. I used to role play with friends or staff members, to perfect my presentation. Right up to getting the money. You must build your confidence before you present yourself to your customers.

Be Ready and Do Not Keep The Customer Waiting
Always allow plenty of time between each appointment, so that you do not keep your clients waiting.

The Simple “No Pressure Selling System.”
1. You should have a simple structured price list that leads the customer to buy your
core products, which in turn will help maximise your sales.
2. Prepare your customer for the sale by informing them of the viewing and purchasing procedure, prior to the appointment.
3. Show the customer a slideshow of edited images.
4. Get them to stand up and go through your prices with them showing samples and various sizes of your products on your wall.
5. Leave them with the price list and leave the room.
6. Return a few minutes later and don’t say anything.
7. Wait for them to ask questions and tell you what products they want.
8. Go back to the computer and sort the images to the products.
9. Ask for full payment.
10. Get them to sign off on the order.
Is it this easy? Yes, but you have to have confidence and practice this simple but very powerful sales strategy.
One of the keys to the success of this strategy is the structure of your pricing and products. These in turn should be connected to your branding and target market.

Listen and Learn To Shut Up!
Learn to “shut up.” All your talk is highly ineffective and completely unnecessary.
Most photographers talk too much. Learn to listen instead of talking. Listen to that potential client’s questions and concerns like you are being told the biggest secret in the world. You have to have big ears to listen to every word that they are saying.

Become a Record Breaker
This is my favourite strategy, because I love to set goals and break records. It keeps memotivated and focused on achieving more than I have already accomplished. If you are a record breaker, then you can never become complacent.

What is your personal sales record? What is the most that you have ever earned in sales?
Write it down right now. Now, what’s your record breaking goal? Write that down. Also, write down when you want to accomplish that goal. Now, put that record breaking goal and the date in front of you so that you see it everyday. Let me give you the three steps that will guarantee that you will break the business coach
First, you must know it in order to break it. Sales records are developed, recorded in the books and then broken. Set a goal of breaking your highest portrait or wedding sale, and the date of when I would achieve it. Always strive to beat your own personal record.

Don’t Forget To Always Follow-Up
Thank You Cards. You must send out thank you cards. Preferably a handwritten thank
you card instead of an e-card, because people get bombarded with e-mails. This is
something that I do regularly in my business to thank people for their time and consideration.
It’s not enough to just sign your name to some random thank you card. Take just a few moments to actually write the person’s name and a short blurb thanking them for their time, consideration in doing business with you. You must do this even if the person did not invest in your product. Remember, the key is to build long-term relationships.

I have shared my simple sales strategies with you, and I know that you will learn from them. Read this report often, rather than letting it sit on your computer. Implement these easy strategies into your current sales presentations and watch your sales grow.
I would love to hear of your record-breaking sales.
Bernie Griffiths has over 40 years experience
owning a successful wedding and portrait photography studio.
He has always been in the photography industry, beginning
as a press photographer at just fifteen years of age. After
that he became a manager in a photography darkroom,
processing and printing thousands of images.
Looking for greater challenges, at only twenty one years old,
Bernie managed to secure a dream job in working as a photographer
on a luxury cruise ship. He had a staff of three other
photographers, and cruised all over the world capturing the
passenger’s experiences, with sales for the photographs
reaching record levels.
Bernie opened his own studio when he was twenty-three
years old. He soon learned that there was a lot more to the
business than just taking photographs. The business needed
to create cash flow, for there were lots of bills to be paid. It was
at this point that Bernie became a photography student of
marketing and promotion. Using some well thought out new
marketing strategies, the studio began to flourish. So much in
fact that after only two years Bernie employed five staff, and
opened a second studio in a nearby town.
Bernie has walked the path as a photography business coach and now a , and knows the frustrations and day-to-day challenges.
He is a “down to earth” person who can relate to
all areas of a business.
There are short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your
success, both as a photographer and business owner. Talk
to him about secrets of success and he will bluntly tell you
that there aren’t any, once you know them. He will say,
“Work hard and always measure your results, and don’tmake
the same mistake twice.”
Using his unique retail selling system Bernie has turned over
hundreds of thousands of dollars in his portrait and wedding
photography business, and also through his consulting company,
has taught many photographers to do the same.
Bernie is Australia’s only full time Photography Business
. Mobile 0418509228

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.