In my experience some photographers do not enjoy the selling part of their photography business.

But of course if you do not sell images in print or digital form, your business life will be very short.

You need to get that mental attitude of realising that the only reason that you are photographing is to sell the images.

It was certainly the only reason I photographed.

I was in it for the money.

The photography (which I loved) was just a vehicle to enable me to earn a great income and have a fantastic lifestyle.

I guess that’s what you want too as a professional photographer.

Your client is coming to you because they want to buy heaps of images.


But what about the client that I have pulled in via a Facebook ad and have offered a free photography session and a free print you say.

But you have spoken to them on the phone and told them that when they come to view the photographs they may really like some of them, and you are going to ask them if they would like the opportunity of purchasing some, right ?And you tell them that some of your clients that love their photos when they see them, and often buy something for the wall, or digital files, or an album of their favourite images, spending sometimes a $1,000 or more.

You also have told them that of course, the only time that they can decide is when they see their photographs. Right?

You don’t have to feel like you’re selling something to them that they don’t want.

They are there at the purchasing session looking at the photographs taking up the opportunity you gave them, to spend as much money with you as they want.

You should not prevent them from doing this.

Ask any successful photographer and they will tell you that it is a fact that the more money your clients spend, the happier they are.

Make your clients happy!

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