Ric is a multi award winning photographer, and all round really nice guy.

I visited his studio as he needed my help as a photography business coach.

He is going to renovate his studio, and give it a total transformation.

Guess what one thing I advised that he do?………… that’s it….. get rid of the yellow wall and let your photos shine.

After my one hour visit we came up with over 50 ways that he could lift his studio presentation.

A few of the things on the “to do” list for Ric are….painting the outside of the shopfront in a charcoal colour, the door a glossy black, inside walls to be painted in grey, adding a gallery style lighting system to make his photographs “jump off the wall,” getting rid of purple logo from window and changing it to light grey with a slight silver sheen, getting rid of old couch, putting up a stylish mirror, taking down the nine wedding photographs that are currently on the walls, (Ric is getting out of photographing weddings on my advice), taking away the wedding albums, putting up a Manfrotto background holder, installing a door to the office and more.

We costed it all out at just $3,000 for the whole transformation! Wow!

Check out my studio visit here….https://vimeo.com/216457840

Ric has planned to get everything done in the next 3 weeks so I will keep you in touch with a new video when everything is complete.

Meanwhile Ric has worked hard on his Marketing this year, and has seen a 40% increase in his turnover.


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