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Is Your Photography Business Worth Fighting For?

20 Steps Photographers Can Do Now During Their Coronavirus Downtime?

Photographers are stuck at home with no income, and times are tough. We can use these times to our ‘advantage’ and do things we normally wouldn’t do or didn’t have time for.

Savvy Photographers Will Use This Opportunity to Invest Time in Their Businesses

There will be a decline in business, and you have two options. You can sit at home and obsess over coronavirus news updates, or you can invest your precious time you have, in your business, so that the virus impact becomes a positive.

Look upon it as a holiday break or sabbatical.

Now is  the perfect time to make your photography business ready for greater success when the economy recovers.

Here are some suggestions: 

HIBERNATION…prepare for when we come out of this…..engine revving at start line.

  1. Work on Mindset…biggest…stay away from negative reports and people 
  2. Chase up outstanding payments
  3. Defer rent payments with your landlord.
  4. Sort out your photography gear and see what you can sell. 
  5. Sell files or products ..suppliers are offering BIG discounts
  6. Market Gift Certificates
  7. Connect with your clients via email and to phone reschedule appointments
  8. Think about and define your Brand
  9. Send out Newsletter.
  10. Refine Your Processes
  11. Curate your portfolio for a better presentation of your work.
  12. Revisit Price list.
  13. Order New Products
  14. Create a VIP list
  15. Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions.
  16. Catch up on post production or album design.
  17. Work on your Social Media
  18. Renovate the studio
  19. Do a customer survey via Survey Monkey
  20. Fine Tune Your Post Production
  21. Work on your website’s SEO to improve your search rankings.
  22. Learn new web marketing strategies like email funnels and referral programs.
  23. Get more testimonials video/ text from your past clients
  24. Improve your current skills through online courses.
  25. Work on speeding up your workflow.
  26. Set up Third party Affiliate
  27. Enter Photography Competitions can win $5,000 or more
  28. Read books on Business …..Known
  29. Clean up and structure your files on your hard drive.
  30. Set up a You Tube Channel.
  31. Write a book
  32. Learn more about doing video.
  33. Run A Win A Family Portrait Competition on Facebook.
  34. Design flyers
  35. Write articles for blog
  36. Don’t live above your means.

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