I received this today from a photographer enquiring about coaching……
“I’m honestly a little apprehensive about starting my photography business, but if I can make at least 5K a month from the photography, that would more than justify the cost of your coaching.
But before I do that, I have to get all of my wall samples made and really have my studio up and running. I know this will take some time and work, but I’m confident with your help I can do it.
I know a lot of photographers struggle with getting people to come to a session, but I have a  phone and sales background, so I’m hoping that won’t be a big obstacle for me to overcome. And of course getting a decent sales average that increases over time.
Sorry for the long email, but I’m just curious to know if you think making 5K a month (just the photography sales )  for a new person who is pretty new and just getting up and running is a realistic goal?”
My reply……
The exciting thing about “the photographers journey” is that we don’t know what financial results we will get until we go on the journey.
But I have proprietary “The Photographers 5 Steps To Freedom”  system that has proven to work for 86% of my clients to create big financial rewards.
In fact in the 8 plus years I have been coaching photographers, I have worked with, I have created over 5 million dollars in revenue for them over that time.
So when you think of “will it work for me” look to the numbers and the 86%.
$5,000 a month relates to 5 sessions a month at an average of just $1,000.
This I feel is very achievable, even at a “starting from scratch” level.
It seems that you are a ” getting all your ducks in a row” sort of person, but my methodology with my coaching is simple.
There are only 3 ducks called Market, Shoot and Sell.
They are already in a row, so we can start Marketing, Shooting and Selling at any time.
I have proven processes for each, and so by getting the ducks moving we can individualise and fine tune the processes to blend into your business.
Don’t forget also that my coaching is ”one on one” and not a program sitting idle on some computer portal.
Happy to supply you with a bucket load of real life examples  if you want.
Hope that helps.
“Your issue isn’t that your problems are that big… it maybe that you see yourself as too small.”

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To your success,
International Award Winning Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths
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