I have never seen such a massive change in the photography industry since the digital revolution.

Digital changed ninety percent of the way photographers did on a day to day basis.

The way photographers photographed changed, as did there workflow and production of products.

The digital file became the most requested product from the consumers, and large wall portraits became almost obsolete.

Now we have a massive shift in the way that photographers do their Marketing.

If you have had your photography business nowadays you now need….

…great engaging text copy in your Facebook ads, and on your website,

…use Chatbots,

…have a Pixel as well as a Lead Magnet on your website,

…send out regular newsletters via Mailchimp or similar,

…and be using a tried and tested Sales Funnel ,

…use Calendly, for prospects to book in a phone call with you.

Oh boy !

A photography business sure wasn’t this complicated a couple of years ago!

The world sure has changed and as photographers we have to keep up with the change.

Below is a Sales Funnel from a Facebook ad.

It may look complicated, but once it is set up it is automated and gives the potential client lots of touch points to build trust, and also at the same time qualifies them.

If you have a Sales Funnel that isn’t working just contact me and I will see if I can help.


Setting Your Prices Can Be Hard.

One of the hardest things for photographers to do in their photography business is to set their prices.

In this podcast with “Photographer Journey”, that just went live , I talk about the different 3 different options on creating a price list,
and how to get your mindset right to maximise your sales.

There is also a great FREE price guide download.


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