Photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths is no stranger to the PhotoBizX podcast. He recently sent me the following email on shooting saleable images as a professional photographer…

More and more I seem to be coaching some of my photography clients on the art of taking salable images.

In my search for some education on posing family portraits on the internet that I could refer my clients to, I came across some terrible advice and websites.

I was in shock for a couple of days !!!!!!… I think you will be also when you take a look at what’s available for aspiring photographers.

If this is the education that is out there then regardless of any teaching on Facebook funnels, selling tips, how to price your products or anything else on the business side of photography, the photographers are not going to make sales if their photography is not above snapshot standard.

So I thought that I would plant a seed in your head that you may like to do a couple of episodes on “ The Art Of Taking Images That Sell.”

I certainly don’t know of any Podcast that focuses on the creating of salable images.


That email was the catalyst for this interview. Love to hear your thoughts on the topic once you’ve had a chance to listen.


Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • How to shoot to sell
  • Creating saleable prints as a pro photographer
  • What it means to improve and work on your photography skills
  • Why it is important to take photographs of what clients want to buy
  • Why most photographers are NOT shooting saleable images
  • Common issues photographers face when striving to create a sustainable business
  • Five things to focus on that will help produce saleable images
  • Is there still room to create unique images despite oversaturation in the industry
  • How does a photographer stand out in today’s market
  • Picking your strengths and strengthen them even more
  • Why branding is so important
  • Why photographers need to consider lighting to create a saleable image
  • Light the subject to flatter them
  • How does a photographer know if their photos are not well lit
  • Entering awards as a means to improve your photography
  • The importance of criticism
  • Finding mentors to get feedback for your photography
  • The lighting is right when you can see the colour of your subject’s eyes
  • Use auxiliary lighting when shooting outdoors
  • Tips on using light to create saleable images
  • Finding a saleable lighting technique and replicating it for ease of profit
  • Why posing matters to generate saleable images
  • Clients expect photographers to direct them when posing
  • How proper posing helps the facial expressions on a photo session
  • Photographing family/groups in triangles as a technique for photo composition
  • Fine-tuning photographs through posing
  • Good posture is key for portrait photographers
  • Tips and tricks on guiding client poses during photoshoots
  • Why proper clothing is important to generate saleable images
  • What clients wear can make or break your image saleability
  • Photographers need to tell clients what to wear during photo shoots and not what clients think they should wear
  • The need to tell clients to bring 3 or more clothes during photoshoots
  • Fashion changes give variety in the shoot giving you more saleability
  • What to say to clients who show up not following the clothing style they were instructed to wear
  • Clients will respect you the more you tell them things rather than ask them
  • Expressions matter when creating saleable images
  • People come to you for what you do
  • Generally, people like and buy happy, smiley faces
  • The need to have the ability to look at each of your client’s faces during a group shot
  • The importance of building a saleable brand
  • Is it wrong to make you the focus of your branding
  • It’s not about the photographer, rather about giving people what they want
  • Positioning to be a photographer that has that difference and gives more in their work
  • Understanding the power of producing saleable images
  • Things to do when struggling to produce saleable images


“I don’t think the photographers understand the power of producing saleable images, and rather than just shooting and hoping, cause there’s nothing worse than just shooting and hoping is there?” – Bernie Griffiths Photography Business Coach

photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.