As I write this I am still in Auckland after my “full house” Marketing presentation yesterday, with New Zealand Photographers, amazing pet photographer Kimberley Kent, and Multi Award Winning Bianca Duimel Deas.

Talking to photographers during the breaks, one thing became clear.

Their main concern was their lack of customers.

During my presentation I asked one photographer to put up a Facebook post that I suggested and within an hour she had leads for newborn photography.

They were just leads, so the next step is how to convert them into qualified paying customers.

This small Marketing exercise was intended to help photographers to get started on learning and understanding how Marketing works, and to “test and measure” results.

The key to Marketing is to have a strategy to get leads, and then having a strategy to convert them into paying customers.

I am having a Skype session with the photographer next week and will let you know the full result of the post.

Kim spoke about her early marketing days and of how she used to photograph sessions for $150 that included all the files on a CD, and how with my Marketing help now her sales averages over a $,1000.

She also spoke about how she sold 90 gift vouchers for $99 just before Christmas with a simple Facebook post.

Bianca explained how her many Awards had helped to strengthen her position in the marketplace, helping her to attract other businesses to form  promotional joint ventures.

National Family Portrait Month

We now have over 50 of Australia’s best photographers ready to participate in what is to be an annual event – National Family Portrait Month, which is in the month of May.


This great family photograph is by Dean Mainsbridge of Zanzo Photography in Hobart.

If you want to know more about this fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation just call me on 0418 509 228 or email 

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