Workshops U.S.A

I felt that the workshop that I presented in New York was a great success, and did show that photographers around the globe face the same challenges that photographers do in Australia.

The main challenges for the photographers attending were …

Getting customers in the door

Attracting the right Customers

Getting good sales.

We had great feedback from those who attended, and they felt that the information that I had presented would help them in overcoming the challenges that they were facing.

“Presentation was great, super informative and revelatory. I just wish it was longer

Thank you very much for a great time and your fantastic book”.

Kind regards, Maciek

“The seminar was great and it really stimulated some great conversations with Harmonie. This weekend starts our insane chicks and bunnies sessions.

We’ll definitely be in touch after they end”. Kim

Next week I am off to Atlanta in Georgia to present another workshop.

Being a photography business coach I am very nervous, but excited to be flying from New York to Atlanta in a small 40 seater plane!

Ha ha…..wish me luck.

Products Can Make You Profit

In the competitive world that photographers are in, one of the ways that we can succeed is by offering different products.

By offering a variety of products rather than selling photographs, we can start to attract a different type of customer.

A customer who doesn’t perhaps want digital files, but a customer who wants to buy images that will personalise and enhance their home decor.

Fitzgerald Photo and Jorgensen Albums have some great new products that you may have not been aware of, and Paul and his team are doing a road trip around the country to give photographers the opportunity to see and handle their new product range.

You can also attend a workshop on “How To Easily Design Portrait and Wedding Albums” and I will be doing a short presentation on my “Soft Sell System” that will help you sell more products, and take the pressure off at sale time.

Their first stop is NSW in April, with dates and places as below.


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