Need A Photography Business Coach? 😀

You may be thinking of getting a business coach for your photography business, or perhaps even a mentor, and there is a distinction between the two.

The reason that most Photographers don’t have a business coach or a mentor is because they believe it is something that they can’t afford.

The reality is (and those who have a coach understand) that you can’t afford NOT to have one.

Like most other small business owners, you are probably working your backside off to keep the business bringing in money.

You are doing this with a “ flying by the seat of your pants” approach, making many mistakes, but at the end of the day, only YOU know what’s best for YOUR business because it’s YOUR baby.

But is this “do it myself” approach result in giving the best outcome for your business?

The next question of course, if you decide to look for a Business Coach is, are you Coachable?

Answer the questionnaire below to find out the answer.

Do you?
1. Listen to instruction?
2. Act easily doing new tasks?
3. Have a really strong passion to succeed?
4. Embrace getting out of your Comfort Zone?
5. Strive to improve all aspects of your life and business?
6. Have patience and persistence?
7. Want financial success?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS, you will work well with a mentor or coach. In my experience, the reality is with most people who are running a business is that they just get too busy working IN their business, and just don’t get around to working ON their business.

If you talk to any successful photographer they will tell you that you should spend 80% of your time working ON your business.

This is where a good “one on one” coach comes in. With weekly sessions, encouragement, inspiration, and guidance, and accountability, enabling your success in moving forward and growing your business.

My creed has always been – Don’t tell me how good I am, tell me how I can be better. Is this a creed that you follow?

Are You Ready?
A report by Infusionsoft and Emergent Research, Defining and Achieving Small Business Success, found that 94 percent of small business owners surveyed identify specific financial goals for their business, but only 65 percent are confident they will achieve them.
So over a quarter of small business owners have set specific financial goals for their business, but can’t see how they can achieve them. This is where Business Coaches and Mentors come in.

Difference Between A Business Coach And A Mentor
A mentor is more a relationship-oriented, and could be a friend, a family member, or a photographer that does mentoring part time.
Mentors generally are more concerned about the success of the business owner as an individual, rather than the growth of the business.
A mentor is not a substitute for a business coach, as each accomplish very different objectives for your business.
A business coach helps your business tackle specific tasks and helps set the objectives, and has a commitment for growth both in the business and the business owner.
The relationship with a business coach is most often over a twelve month period, and you could more than one coach over the life of your business.

Many Photographers cringe when they see what some coaches charge, so their normal reaction is to try and save money and to do it all by themselves.

If you chose a lesser priced Coach you can probably expect them to under deliver, and of course a more experienced Coach will cost you more, but the investment will come back to you many times over. Having an experienced Photography Business Coach also guarantees that you will be accountable.

Rather than worry about how you can’t afford a business coach, think how a coach could help, guide and motivate you to grow your photography business, and how much money you may be losing by not having a coach.

How Does A Coach Help?
A coach will show you up to date Marketing strategies, and help you to think differently. Coaching should also include Studio set up, Marketing, Lead Capture, Product selection, Pricing, Selling strategies. A good Coach will have a complete and Proven System to grow your business.
You have certain expectations of your business, but isn’t it a good idea to bounce your dreams and hopes off someone who’s walked the same road before, who can point out pitfalls, and strengthen areas that need it.
A coach is someone with a good insight and understanding, of proven, business strategies that will push you harder, while also keeping you focussed.
A Coach should give you a plan that builds a solid foundation for your photography business, that allows your business to scale up and grow to whatever level that you want it to.


Marketing Advice
In any stage of your photography business, the entire marketing strategy efforts fall on the shoulders of you, the business owner. A good business coach who has experienced branding, and proven marketing strategies, can dramatically lift the number of customers and sales, and grow your business
Probably the most important factor is that a coach will keep you focussed, and can help you stay on track. Having someone to be accountable is very important as it is easy to let yourself off the hook. A coach serves as an accountability partner, to give you a friendly kick up the butt, and push you through the challenges.

Your business should be continuously growing, but keep in mind that as your business moves through stages of growth, you will have new challenges that will require changes in how you run your business.

In staying competitive and profitable with growth and change, don’t forget that it is ok to ask for help along the way.

I was very proud to be announced a Winner of the World’s Ten Outstanding Photography Professional Awards for photography business coaching.
It recognised my contribution to the photography industry, as a photographer and as a worldwide photography business coach.

The judge’s comments were…
“Bernie’s approach to the Business of Photography is a powerful concept that offers photographers good marketing and sales skills. He is doing a phenomenal job of coaching photographers to think “business” which is often neglected. Bernie guides photographers with practical and relevant skills that are necessary to run a successful photography business.”


If you’re not afraid of a little hard work to reap giant rewards. 


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Need A Photography Business Coach?