Tip # 6

1. Produce the best quality that you can.
2. There are always clients who will pay more for top quality.
3. Don’t think that it is the camera that produce the photographs. ..it’s you.
4. Hire people who do the job better than you do.
5. Don’t expect big sales every day.
6. Test and measure.
7. Some clients will disappoint you..be prepared for it.
8. Save your money for rainy days.
9. Build a big quality mail list.
10. Overcome your fears with action.
11. Be honest with your clients.
12. Always answer your phone quickly and politely….it’s probably a new customer.
13. Enjoy your work.
14. Limit the time you spend thinking and start doing.
15. Copy others, only to find your own niche.
16. Work hard not to impress others, but for your own satisfaction.
17. Get inspiration by doing.
18. Don’t put things off until tomorrow…do it now.
19. If you get it wrong, get it right tomorrow.
20. Be yourself, and love the fact you are unique.
21. Try and keep your sense of humour at all times.
22. Always respect your clients because you are the reason that you are here
23. Experiment and take creative risks.
24. Always look to get better.
25. 80% of what you do is probably a waste of your time.
26. Don’t  wait until everything perfect, it never will be.
27. Don’t wait for the bad times before you market your business.
29. Write a simple business plan.
30. Be proud of your products and your prices
31. Be specialised in what you do.
32. Do the right thing.
33. It’s ok to give yourself a day off when you need to.
34. Don’t think you are a  perfectionist, perfection doesnt exist.
35. Be the best professional that you can be.
36. Don’t spend too much time in front of your computer
37. Always only show your best.
38. Market, market, market, and then some more.
39. Work hard to be able to choose your clients.
40. Work smart and hard.
41. Always remember that you are a business.
42. Business can be lonely at times.
43. Don’t assume that you know everything.
44. Strive to over deliver at all times.
45. People don’t like to be sold but love to buy.
46. Don’t get too upset when things go wrong, because in business they sometimes do.
47. Live up to your clients expectations.
48. Always be on time.
49. Don’t sell, develop buying solutions.
50. Always look at learning new ways.
51. Innovate.
52. Just do it.


photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.