I really want your thoughts on this topic, if you’re open to sharing them…

A photographer told me recently that one of his clients had said “I think you should give me the digital files as well as the print or the wall.”

She wasn’t suggesting, but rather she was demanding.

Another example of some customers perceptions about the value of digital files, and I wonder whether there is a shift in the customers perceptions of what they should get for their hard-earned money.

So, the question for me and perhaps for you, too, may be…

Is a photography business still as sustainable a business as it once was?

I’m not suggesting you start lowering your prices and giving away digital files like crazy to get customers. What I’m really suggesting is that you have to think outside of normal parameters and come up with innovative ways that your photography business can leverage the present, to competitively monetize the current professional photography market.

Running a sustainable photography business involves changes and adaptation that allows a photographer to compete in a way that matches the current environment.

The simple solution to try and never say no to your clients, but rather re-phrase the way you speak to them.

Photography business owners need to understand that markets change.

I’ve had my stubborn and frustrating moments with customers, but inevitably realized that I’m here to give a client what they want and make money doing it. Find a way to give clients what they are asking for. It’s my job as a photography business coach to figure out how we do that and at the same time make a big profit.

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Let 2021 be a different year for you.

Let it be a year where you made a decision to do whatever it takes to get your photography business going.

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