Record Breaking Year


This year has been an amazing year for some of the photographers that I

have coached.


One studio that has been in business for many years had the best month of

turnover EVER, and they have over 50 portrait bookings for next year!


Another had a $4,200 portrait sale from the Facebook Challenge that I

initiated on


My own business broke a few records……I had 9 x 1 hour consecutive Zoom

sessions on one day, the most I have ever done in just one day. My clients were in

UK, Australia, New Zealand and around Australia, and because of different

time zones, I stared at 6.30am and finished 9 hours later. Great fun!


I have done 478 Zoom sessions this year, helping photographers grow their

businesses, the most I have ever done in one year.


What records did you break in your business this year?


We always need to be growing our businesses and must constantly ask a lot of questions about how we are doing things.


How much turnover do you need each week to survive?


How are you going to grow your business?


What business plan do you have for your business in 2023?


You PLAN holidays?


You PLAN to go out to dinner?


You PLAN your kids sports?


But do you have a BUSINESS PLAN?


If you don’t then book a strategy call and I will put together a personal Business Plan for you.


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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.