Happy New Year to everyone, and to all you devoted photographers out there and believe it or not it’s nearly 2023 ….unbelievable how time passes us by so quickly.

Being an International Photography Business Coach and founder of the photographers 5 steps to Freedom Coaching Program, my ten years coaching photographers around the world has gone very quickly.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I did and interview with Andrew Hellmich where with a great amount of excitement, we spoke about a new innovative and ground-breaking Facebook Ad www.photobizx.com/ebook-email-3-bernie that I had created and where in that episode we challenged photographers to book more portrait sessions.

Can you believe that it was 7 years ago!

I am sure that many of you who have listened to the episode have done some Facebook advertising based on what I had to say during that episode and as far as I’m concerned and as a photography business coach it has been amazing the success that we continue to have with my clients and scaling them off the financial charts to creating super successful businesses.

As expected once the peak of the covid pandemic slipped away and disappeared well almost disappeared, I think we knew that there would be a growth in the photography industry and we have certainly seen that.

From my own perspective I have seen many photographers who have been running their business on a part time basis, taking the big leap of faith, resigning from their full time employment and moving into a commercial space.

This takes a lot of courage and congratulations to those out there who have done this.

With the beginning of any new year a lot of us set New Year Resolutions and I hope that this is a time that you can write down your goals and take the first step towards living your business dreams this year, which for myself and my clients is to achieve a great work/life balance.

Moving forward this year, I feel is the best way to approach your business is first of all to have a business plan but more than that you need a business model. A business plan will show you the steps that you have to climb but it’s pointless climbing the steps if you don’t have a proven systematic and automated method with a business model that will help you to achieve that work life balance.

I am also fascinated by the use of artificial intelligence. I think this will develop to a stage where it will help us as photographers not only with the culling of our images, cropping and the retouching and in many other different ways that normally photographers would find too time-consuming, but software with artificial intelligence will give us much more time to spend working ON our business rather IN our business.

Thank you for the opportunity again Andrew and if anyone out there would like to check out my website just go to www.berniegriffiths.com or if you want me create a complimentary personal business plan and business model for you, go to www.callwithbernie.com and book in a Zoom call. I also have my Annual Portrait Conference https://berniegriffiths.com/conference/ coming up at the end of March 2023 in North Carolina and I would love to offer 4 Free tickets away ….Worth $295 each for this 2 day event. All you have to do is email me and tell me why you would like to go.


photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.