The Best Photography Business Coaching In The World

by Brian Kellogg

“I have been a photographer for over 10 years and struggled to make money for most of those years, until I started the “5 Steps To Freedom Coaching Program” with Bernie Griffiths

Why do I believe this coaching program for portrait photographers is the best there is?

I used to be a shoot and burn type of photographer working for very little or charging a very low session fee, when I first started with Bernie. I specialized in Seniors and Weddings.

I was working long hours to try and make my business profitable. I had little time for my family. Every year when I reflected on the money I had earned, but when I looked at the real numbers, I found that I was losing money, and not making a single cent. I hate to admit it, but I was really struggling.

Everything changed when I listened to a Podcast Bernie did on Photobizx, a popular podcast for photographers.

This is what Andrew Hellmich from Photobizx had this to say about Bernie’s coaching…….

“Ok, let’s get stuck into this Facebook (FB) ad tactic that saw me book 23 shoots in a week!

BTW, this isn’t my strategy, it’s straight from the Bernie Griffith’s Marketing play book.

Bernie’s a photography business coach – he teaches his clients how to stay booked, charge for their work, be accountable and generally have a profitable photography business. I interviewed him in episode 136 and it was pure gold!”

[PBX136: Bernie Griffiths – A Challenge for You to Book More Portrait Photography Sessions]

Here’s the gist of the Podcast and what Bernie taught in that episode when he launched his now famous Facebook ad challenge, which has now created hundreds of thousands of dollars for photographers like myself over just a few months. You have got to try this yourself.

Bernie’s ‘5 Steps to Freedom’ Signature Coaching Program has enabled me to run my portrait business profitably, keeping track of all aspects of my business while having the time to spend with my young family.

Bernie’s Coaching program, unlike other programs, is one on one, and includes weekly personalised  Zoom Sessions.

There are many online resources in addition to unlimited personal contact with Bernie. This includes numerous videos as well as inclusion into Bernie’s closed Inner Circle Facebook Group, which is made up of of like-minded photographers who are on the same journey and who are incredibly supportive and sharing, and who thrive on the successes of others in the group.

Bernie has shown me how to increase my profile within my community, to become known as the go-to portrait photographer in my area. He has helped me to increase my profile so that you are a trusted provider.


Setting a solid pricing structure has been pivotal in increasing my average sales and Bernie’s constant monitoring of studio processes is invaluable.


Because of the success I was approached by Andrew for Photobizx to see if I would do and interview for his podcast. I was happy to do it.


You will hear in the interview that my portrait sales average was $300 prior to Bernie’s coaching, and now the average is around $1,470 this month and I am doing 15 sessions a month. Soon to be 20-30 sessions a month with all-year-round income. The goal next year is $30,00 a month

Here is the link


Bernie’s Facebook Marketing has become famous among the photography community and  is still creating millions of dollars revenue for photographers worldwide. I don’t think anyone in the world knows Facebook Marketing for portrait photographers, better than Bernie.

As well as help with all of the business side of the portrait photography industry, Bernie’s knowledge of the consumer and what they are looking for together with his technical advice is a great resource. He recommends products that will sell by appealing to todays consumer and relating to your photography and pricing. This gives a profitable outcome which is Bernie’s aim in bringing your portrait photography business to the next level.


Bernie’s Coaching has given me the confidence to move forward with my portrait photography business knowing that I have his support and knowledge, as well as the support and knowledge of others in the group.


The 5 Steps To Freedom is a unique Coaching program that no other coach offers and, as it did for me, it will take your business to the next level and beyond”.

“The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Photography Business.”




photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.