A New Time To Move Forward
The half way point of any new year encourages us to reflect on our own success or failures in the previous six months from our own perspective.
2021 is proving to be a great year for some photographers and not so good for others.
With courage, drive and deep want, some set up studios, fight the naysayers, jump out of their comfort zone, and push through moving forward towards their dreams.
Even a worldwide pandemic did not waiver some photographer’s aspirations to create, mould and amplify their wedding and portrait businesses.
You know what you have achieved. Be proud and stand tall as you celebrate any accomplishments, and realise you are at the start of many more successes to come in 2021.
With your passion and willingness to keep going, when weaker individuals would have given up, this will surely be your year.
Blind rhetoric and hope rarely brings great results but rather a strong belief and hard work.
We are not only photographic artists, but rather we are business owners who set goals, create challenges, and revel in the uncertainty of the outcome, not because it is easy but because it is hard.
There are 2 paths you can take on your way to creating a successful portrait photography business.
1. You can try and work everything out for yourself and take years of painful and expensive trial and error, as I did when I opened my first studio.
2. You can look at getting results faster by having a mentor or coach show you the ropes and help you avoid many costly and common mistakes.
There are many mentors or coaches to guide you in your photography business. At this moment you have the chance to take option two and learn as hundreds of other photographers have, on how to grow a photography business quickly.
Photographers do big things when they have the right photography business coach and a community to lean on and support during good and bad times.
The way to building a Rockstar Portrait Photography Business. ….How to Bank $10,000 to $30,000 Per Month in your Business.
Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just considering the industry, this powerful program will show you exactly what you need to do to become a photographer rockstar in your area!
You will learn…….
Why portrait photography  is a well-respected profession and why photography businesses are booming around the world.
How you can make an hourly rate that most big-city photographers would drool over, while helping everyday families get priceless memories that they will treasure forever.
Coaching used to be cost-prohibitive but isn’t anymore. (A decade ago, the outlay of cash to get a good business coaching would often total $10,000 or more. My NEW coaching program is just a fraction of that!)
Exactly what top-tier photographers are doing to build successful business from the ground up, even without investing thousands of dollars in getting set up.
How to market yourself successfully, so that you don’t waste time on cold calls, banging your head against the wall with tire kickers who aren’t serious, or HOPING—instead of KNOWING—how many clients you’ll get each month.
You will be comprehensively coached in a photography business model, world-class training, and marketing strategies that work!

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.