Every day as a photography business coach I come across photographers who are thinking about taking some sort of action to progress their photography business.

They and figure everything out and maybe put it all down on paper, but they don’t actually DON’T DO ANYTHING.

Over planning can be a big procrastinator in moving your photography business forward.

In business, you learn by DOING!

Whatever you do, it will never be perfect, but you will learn what to do to make it better.

From experience you learn.

If you have been thinking of doing a “Bernie style Facebook ad”, that is still bringing in thousands of dollars into the bank accounts of the photographers that I am coaching, then do it!

Sometimes you just need to push yourself and take a risk.

Risk failing.

But what comes with risk is a greater financial reward.

You need to get started, and learn the “Art of Test and Measure.”

Do something, some action, because something is better than nothing.

At least you will get a result you can work on.

Small actions can make massive differences in your business.

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