Psst.. have you heard the “secret” of the online course industry?
This may shock you. Are you ready?
Seth Godin, a marketing writer and teacher, recently claimed on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, that online courses have a 97% drop-off rate. 
97% of the people who sign up for online courses don’t complete them!
So only 3% of people ever open, complete, or get any sort of results from the online trainings and courses that they buy.
There are as many reasons for that dropout rate as there are courses that people have quit. One of the reasons I feel is that online courses are usually free or cheap, and do not have any real content.
We all know the saying” you get what you pay for.”
This means a whopping 93% of people won’t complete their course, and won’t get the results they have been promised.
But just to be clear, the problem isn’t with those who bought the course. It’s just that they lacked accountability.
The fact is that humans crave “rewarding personal experiences”, not more information.
That’s why I want to tell you about my Membership platform I’ve created.
It will supercharge your portrait photography business with the kind of “hand holding” with some “one on one” and group experiences that you need. I give you the tools, and then I personally tell you how to use them, and then back it all up with introducing you to photographers who are achieving success using the resources within the Membership portal.
So wasting precious money and time with a measly 3% online course completion rate, YOUR Membership is a path to your portrait business growth and profitability.
I have proprietary “The Photographers 5 Steps To Freedom©”  system that has proven to work for 86% of my clients to create big financial rewards.
In fact in the 10 plus years I have been coaching photographers, I have worked with, I have created over 5 million dollars in revenue for them over that time.
So when you think of “will it work for me” look to the numbers and the 86%.
Please note that this is only for serious photographers who are ready to start or grow their Portrait Photography business.

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What Texas photographer John Glaser had to say……

In 2013 I started a little side business doing video which turned into doing photography for sports. I love doing photography so I started dabbling in using lighting with the dream of having a portrait studio someday. I honestly thought it was a long shot dream that would never come true. It has been a long road and I have had my ups and downs.
In June of last year I decided to take a big leap and open a studio. Yes I opened a studio in the middle of a pandemic!!!. I got a business coach, Bernie, who specializes in helping people build their studio photography business. Bernie has been a lifesaver!!! He has helped me transform my business and make the dream reality. In October I opened the doors to my own studio which has exploded!!! I am not going to lie it is pretty cool seeing your business name in lights on a marque.”

photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.