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For Serious Photography Coaching

Stop drowning in your photography business.

Taking your photography business to the next level ?

Feeling stuck, confused, short on money, can’t convert your portrait email enquiries into bookings.

Don’t know how and where to advertise, unable to get any enquiries.

Are you confused at all the information on the internet that you thought could help you?

Have you downloaded and read heaps of eBooks and watched lots of YouTube Videos on how
to progress your photography business?

You don’t know how to get the phone to ring, and when you do you often attract unqualified tyre-kickers
who waste your time?

You may not know what photography Marketing Strategies are available to you.

You may be unsure of whether to invest your money into Social Media, Google Adwords, magazine
advertising, a new web site, getting more traffic, writing Blog posts or creating an email newsletter
to keep your customers connected.

Wherever you are at this point of time in your photography business, I have been there at some point in my 40 years of
owning a wedding/portrait studio.

I built my wedding/portrait photography business up from nothing to a $750,000 dollar a year turnover in
just a few years.

I have coached and consulted with respected Photography businesses from Start Ups to Triple Master Photographers, in Australia and New Zealand.

These Photographers are Doing It.

The photographers that I coach  implement Marketing Strategies that I have introduced,
and between them have turned over more than a million dollars in the last 2years.

One strategy I gave to a New Zealand photographer, has given her over 50 pet photography sessions in
just over 3 months…great to have in the winter when business is usually very quiet.

Another Photographers had a turnover of over $100,00 from a family portrait promotion that I had created ,and
another who has lifted her wedding photography packages from $1,950 to over $4,500 – $7,500 in a short time,
and another who took 5 wedding bookings in just one week.

And this from a client last week…………

“The numbers from the two Facebook competitions and the Mothers Day promotion are starting to come in
and here’s what we’ve learnt:

The average sale was $1,350.

The second Facebook promotion (i.e., getting entrants to fill out a form on our website rather than just hit ‘like’
resulted in only 11 leads but 9 booked shoots (no viewings/sales yet) whereas the first comp gave us 48 voucher
winners, of which 29 gave us their addresses, 19 booked sessions with an average sale of $1,300”.

You need customers.

You have the tools for your photography, now you need the business tools to fill your business with customers.

Reading about it, or listening to podcasts, or watching videos or going to seminars, isn’t quite the same as getting
personal support, is it?

Do you realise that anyone who has achieved success has paid a price in commitment of money and time?

Action is everything.

Stop Looking For Everything for  FREE.

You went out and bought a Tv, car, camera, lens, computer.


INVEST in YOU and building that photography business.

You will be well financially rewarded.

If you decide to go with one of my Coaching programs I will give you a SPECIAL BONUS of a FREE “one on one”
with a Social Media expert so that you can sort out your Facebook, Email Marketing and Blogging. ( Normal Value $320)

Check out my coaching programs at

You may have thought that you cannot afford to have a coach and mentor.

My coaching starts at just $475 a month, and my 5 week course is only $1500 ( Limited time).

When You Are Ready…. Work with me…..

Ready now?

Email me at

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Photographers Love Facebook

Consulting, coaching and talking with photographers around the world, I am surprised by how many of them play roulette with the money that they cannot really afford to gamble.

Too many of them don’t have real marketing strategies, and are just throwing money into different forms of advertising and hoping.

Fingers crossed.

This practice is far too common.

Passionate photographers starting out in business are vulnerable, and are targeted by various companies who find it easy, with their well rehearsed sales skills, to extract dollars from virgin professional photographers.

We are all too busy, and often distracted by family or a new piece of photographic software.

We get so “busy” that we forget that the most important aspect of financial success is in being aggressive in our Marketing and promotion.

No marketing, no customers, no sales.

If you forget this you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. I know that it is easy to work IN our business playing at a computer, rather than working ON our business, and working hard on creating new customers.

As a Photography business coach I know that the number one priority of photography businesses around the world, whether it be large or small, is to GET MORE CUSTOMERS.

If you want to grow your business, then you had better put this up as a big banner in your head, and repeat it to yourself constantly every day……and ACT on it.

Do something about it.

Don’t know what to do? Buy a book on the subject, Google “getting more customers”, attend a seminar, phone a friend etc. But do something that will cause you to ACT.

Thought without action will get you a no result!

Remember that it is not all about you! It is all about the customer. Do not fall into the photographers trap of ego marketing, and talking all about you in your marketing material.

Are your Facebook Ads giving you lead interaction like the one I did last week with one of my clients?

Always talk about the customers wants and needs, and tell them how you can fulfil them.

The purpose of business is to gather leads and CREATE customers from the leads.

If you don’t have a well thought-out, clearly defined, and written down continual marketing strategy, AND you aren’t making it the number one daily priority of your business, then you are just wishing and hoping.

Why not set aside just one hour a day, for two days a week and see what marketing and promotional ideas you can create. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

Why Facebook Is A Go To For Photographers.

Over the last 3 years I have set up hundreds of Facebook Boosted Ads for photographers around the world, that have brought in thousands of dollars into the photographers bank accounts

The great thing about Facebook is that we can target our customers and get leads instantly.

Once we get them as leads we can contact them, and then decide whether they are the customers that we are looking for, and engage with them immediately, or add them to our database and nurture them for the future with regular newsletters.

Forget what you have read about Facebook algorithms.

Facebook is what it is, and we have to learn how to use it in a slightly different way to give us the results that we want.


Email me on on  or call +61418509228



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Facebook Has Made Some Dramatic Algorithm Updates!

Photographers around the world are watching their income diminish, as their one source of income fails to deliver.

Not really.

The boosted Facebook ads that I set up with my clients are still working fantastically well.

Just ask one of my photographer clients in Boston, Masachusetts.

She did 3 Facebook boosted posts last week and had an amazing 676 people respond that want to be photographed, and she has many more still to call.

She has so far booked in 40 photography sessions in 7 days!

Average sales from this type of promotion is just under $1,000, so 40x$1,000 = $40,000.

That’s pretty cool.

Don’t believe everything you read.

The Facebook changes will certainly impact on the big companies who advertise with them, but because of the way I structure the Facebook ads with my clients, the changes will have no effect at all on our Facebook Marketing results.

My clients will continue making hundreds of thousands of dollars in lead generation and portrait sales, with just a $100 investment on their boosted Facebook ads.

Wedding/ portrait photographers rejoice.

New 5 Week Photography Business Coaching Program

Soon to be launched is my brand new 5 week Getting Started Program, that I have designed for photographers who want to take that first step into turning their photography into money.

Starting a photography business without any training, and very little capital, can be daunting.

Do you like the thought of having more spare time?

How about just working the hours that you want?

Having a holiday whenever you feel like it?

Making a great income?

Working the hours that you want?

Earning lots of money?

Get some paying customers now.

Learn What the Top Photography Studios Do To Make Them so Successful.

Proven Marketing Strategies to bring Money to Your Photography Business right away.

Private Facebook Support Group Page.

PLUS BONUS unlimited Email and Phone Support.

A personal 5 week “One on One ” Coaching Program.

Includes 5 x weekly 45 minute Skype ” face to face” sessions.

Week One


Sorting Out Your Pricing To Suit Your business.

Week 2


5 Proven Marketing Strategies

Week 3


4 Ways Of Selling Your Photographs.

Week 4


Discovering Your Photography Style.

Week 5


8 Obstacles That Are Holding You Back.

Save money and take advantage of the pre-launch price.

Enquire to see if you qualify…Email me on on  

or call +61418509228.

photography business coach

worlds number one photography business coach


Light Up Your Photography Business

Switching On The Light

Thurs 22 February 9:30am – 4pm.

Fine Photography Studios,1015 Pacific Hwy, Pymble, NSW.


As a photography business coach I have noticed that the photographers that produce the best images, are those who succeed the most.

I am putting on this practical seminar to help those that want to take their photography to the next level.

Creative and well lit images will separate you from your competitors, and is an important key to your photography business being successful.


The general public no longer accept ordinary imagery, so don’t expect to get a good financial reward from being an ordinary “natural light” photographer.

You need to take your photography to the next level and then you can reap the financial rewards.

“Switching On The Light” will be a day of learning and demonstration by 4 NSW based Masters of Light.

Peter Eastway is a Grand Master of Photography, a Fellow and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. He won the 1996 and 1998 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Award. He is a WPPI Master of Photography. Peter will do an introduction on the theory of lighting – size, angle, lightshaper etc.

Heath Wade is a Master Photographer and has won the AIPP NSW Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2015, 2014 and 2013. He also specialises in innovative and creative portrait photography in his studio, using a simple two studio light set up and a silver reflector. Heath will demonstrate how he lights a range his portraits in his own distinctive style, that has made his business one of Australia’s most successful studios.

Carol Gibbons has run her own highly successful studio for over 20 years. She is a highly awarded AIPP Master Photographer who specialises in photographing People and Pets. While studying Fine Art, Carol found photography was her passion and pursued further study in Art Photography, and completed her Diploma. About half of Carols portraits are photographed outdoors, while the rest taken are in her natural light studio. She will show you how to “see the light” to produce award winning images.

Dan Cantero has been a photographer for over 15 years, and is sought after not just for his commercial work but also for his family portraits. He has developed expert techniques in the use of multiple speedlights, which allows him to photograph in any location and produce stunning images. Dan will show you how you can use speedlights outdoors and in a studio set up produce stunning images.


Email me on on  or call +61418509228 
photography business coach

worlds number one photography business coach


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Photography Business Coach Award

I am very excited, proud and humbled to have received this WTOPP Award at the 2018 Professional Photographers Asia Conference Convention in Shanghai. The Award is for one of the World’s Top Ten Photography Professionals 2017.

It recognises my contribution to the photography industry, as a photographer and as a worldwide photography business coach.

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World’s Number One Photography Business Coach.

Get a copy of Bernie’s book……

Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths has owned a wedding/portrait business for over forty years. While still photographing weddings and portraits, his passion now is in teaching and consulting with photographers, to help them fast track their businesses.
Running a successful photography business has changed rapidly—a totally new approach is needed to keep up. Bernie Griffiths’ new and ground breaking plan to succeed in today’s tough business environment isn’t filled with theory and fluff. It sets out to guide, with proven systems, a sure way to create success and fulfilment in your business.
Some of the things that you will learn in this book:
•How to create a good work/life balance
•Finding your niche market
•How to rethink marketing and sales
•Understanding the correct pricing strategy
•How to take control with an action plan

Available on

Kindle version available for $10.54.

Angela Matthews
“This book is a MUST HAVE for any photographer. Full of inspiration and invaluable knowledge it will definitely light your fire to success.”

Peter Eastway
” I’d like to recommend Bernie Griffith’s book. I know Bernie. I’ve attended his seminars. I’ve read his book. He is a straight shooter, telling people how it really is and his book is a great educational insight into what it takes to be a successful wedding and portrait photographer. Highly recommended.”

or call 0417 526 466

world’s number one photography business coach

photography business coach

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12 Marketing Lessons From Santa

Everything I know about marketing, I learned from Santa Claus.

Set yourself up for an incredible new year with the 12 marketing lessons every photographer should learn from the man in red…

1. DELIVER ON TIME – Would we still believe in Santa if he missed a year, or came late?

2. EVERYONE LOVES A GIVER – Don’t be a taker. Move the free line, and win your prospective clients over with your generosity.

3. HIRE A TEAM OF HARDWORKING ADMIN PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD – Santa gets the glory, but the elves work hard to make it all look easy. Maybe you need to hire some elves next year (Think hardworking, talented, and offshore)

4. BUILD YOUR DATABASE – Santa makes a list and checks it twice. Most photographers don’t even have a list 🙂

5. TEACH YOUR CLIENTS HOW TO TREAT YOU – Every kid knows to leave out Milk & Cookies, and leave carrots for the reindeer. Do you get your clients to give you testimonials?

6. QUALIFY HARD – Do you grade your prospective clients? Santa even grades KIDS either naughty or nice! Which of your clients has been nice? Which prospective clients  have been naughty? You know what to do…

7. LEVERAGE – Santa has a team of body doubles who have been working for the crowds at every shopping centre on the planet for the last 4 weeks. (While the real Santa sips margaritas by the pool in his big house by the beach.bZZAZ)

8. LIMIT ACCESS – Santa’s got things set up, so you can’t get him on the mobile, or just see him whenever you want. You have to send your request to an obscure PO Box in the North Pole. Are you too easy to get?

9. RUN SPECIAL EVENTS – He’s the original Product Launch Formula guy. He builds massive anticipation and even gets your kids counting down the sleep until the big day.

10. COSTUME & SELF-PROMOTION – If he just wore regular clothes, he’d be no big deal. Do you present yourself in clothes that make you THE photographer?

11. GET OTHERS TO TALK YOU UP – His P.R. elves get everyone talking about Santa, so he never has to talk himself up. Have you worked on gettingb lots of raving fans ?

12. BUILD A BUSINESS THAT GIVES YOU FREE TIME – With all his body doubles and the team of elves, Santa really only works a three or four days a year.

Happy New Year!

This year has been an amazing year for me as a photography business coach.some of the photographers that I have coached.

One studio that has been in business for many years had the best month of turnover EVER, and they have over 20 portrait bookings for next year!

Another had a $4,200 portrait sale from the Facebook Challenge that I initiated on Photobiz Exposed

My own business broke a few records……I had 9 x 1 hour consecutive Skype sessions on Wednesday, the most I have rever done in one day.

My clients were in UK, USA, New Zealand and around Australia, and because of different time zones, I stared at 6.30am and finished 9 hours later. Great fun!

I have had over a 1,000 “one on one” one hour Skype sessions this year, ( that’s right, over 20 a week! )  helping photographers to grow their businesses, which is the most  Skype sessions I have ever done in one year.

Does this make me the world’s number one photography business coach?

My catch phrase has always been “Your Success Is My Success.”

This year lots of my photographer clients achieved best months ever, highest sales, and best years ever.

That means after 5 years as a photography business coach it has been my best year EVER!

What records did you break in your photography business this year?

Part of my strategy for next year is to launch a brand new 5 week “one on one” coaching program called the Getting Started Coaching Program, specifically for those who are wanting to start their own photography business.

The program will give a solid business foundation, and will specifically cover, Pricing, Marketing, Selling, Photography, and Overcoming Obstacles.

Click here for more info and price. 

Enrol before the end of 2017 and you will save $500……my Christmas gift to you.

#photography business coach

        To Your Amazing Photography Business Success

        Enquiries +61418509228


#photography business coach

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Are You Ready

How is your photography business going?

I guess the answer to that question is different for everyone. It depends where you are in your photography business story, because a business like the life that it is attached to, is continually moving.

I come across lot’s of these stories a s a photography business coach.

You may be where Linda was in the story below. Read on and see if you can you relate to part or all of it.

Linda’s Story

“I was so excited! I love photography and two years ago I started a business from home. I just did portraits of children and did a “shoot and burn“, offering a CD of images for $175.

After a little mindset change and going through a lot of learning curves, and after making some hard decisions, I am now charging closer to my real worth, and I am regularly selling nearly $1,000 per sale. I have also had quite a few sales even higher than that.

What it took me so long to learn, was that people will pay a lot more than what you think you are worth.

I used to photograph a lot of sessions a week, and I thought that I was making good money. But the time and effort involved was just not worth it.

I was just about to give my photography passion away, and go back to my previous job as an administration officer for the local council, when a close friend who was also a photographer, suggested I contact Bernie to see if he could help me.

I didn’t have much hope that anyone could help me, as I am no good at selling, so I could not see any way out of my situation as I only knew Shoot and Burn.

I would show my customers their images on my computer and then give them the CD, and they would leave.

I organized to have a free Skype session with Bernie. He asked me lots of questions, and then suggested that he could help me in the key areas that I was lacking.

One was that I needed to stop Shoot and Burn, and start selling wall portraits.

Then to design a structured price list, and then to adopt a simple selling system.

The structured price list was the most important thing. Once I had that, all I would have to do, was to adopt Bernie’s unique, and easy selling system.

I would show the customer the products that I have for sale, go through all of the prices, and sit back to let them make their own decisions.

Simple really. But it worked!

Having an effective photography pricing strategy, combined with a simple selection of products to sell, resulted in less work and a lot more money.

By the way, I understand if you’re charging less than $35 each for your Gift Prints of  8×10 inches, because I was doing the same.

All I can say is that you are probably cheating yourself, because I know from my own experience that the customer is willing to pay heaps more than you think.

If you love what you do, and are passionate about your photography, sometimes you forget about the money.

You take photographs because you love it. It could be the only thing that you have found that you are really good at.

I just got so tired of working so hard and having no money in the bank.

I have spent the time, money, energy, and then even more of my time to take better photographs, so why was I giving it away?

Yes it was scary at first trying to lift my self worth and lift those prices up.

But when I did, my customers respected me more, and raved about their photographs.

My advice would be to get rid of that nervous and devalued mentality, if you have it, and get help to develop a photography pricing plan and selling structure that will take you to developing a strong photography business.

Do it for you and your family.”

Are you ready?

World’s number one photography business coach

Creating an Amazing Photography Business In Seconds

How easy is it to get “sucked in” on the internet.or a successful photography business.

Secret 1 …From zero customers to 20 a month without any marketing.

Secret 2… One photographer making $10,000 monthly in her portrait photography within 3 weeks of starting without any selling.
Secret 3… Position yourself with pricing so that customers will queue at your studio door.
Secret 4… A guaranteed way to create a photography business in a competitive market, that you don’t have to work in.

Easy to believe everything you see about making money in photography, and then buy things that you will never use, or that will never do what they promised.

Do you really believe that you can make money easily in photography?

Do you really believe that you can make money while you sleep without doing too much work?

Do you really believe that you can start a photography business and turnover $100,000 in the first year?

Some educators/photographers selling various products on Facebook will tell you can have a great photography business working just a couple of hours a week, or less.

Some claim that you can succeed simply by buying their free E-book.

I guess from time to time we all look for the easy way out, the magic wand, the goose that lays the golden eggs.

We are grown up mature adults right?

You will see some of these photography educators running Facebook ads, doing free preview webinars and seminars, sending numerous emails, doing podcasts, and generally selling their fantastic money making photography products on social media.

Maybe some photographers who succumb to these unrealistic claims will have a little success, but believe me, the majority will fail.

But when we get desperate or get “sucked in” by advertising we start to believe in anything.

So what is the reality?

Creating and sustaining a successful photography business takes a lot of commitment, willpower, planning and TIME.

And, of course it takes a lot of work.

The key is to work on doing the tasks that will give you financial growth, and I don’t mean sitting at your computer playing with your files!

The alternative is learning by trial and error, which can be a big waste of your time.

We all have a certain number of hours in each day, days in each week, and weeks in each year to achieve success in our photography business.

Untested methods may work, but if you just keep doing the same things and expect things to change, then you will be very, very disappointed.

In fact, Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. “

I believe you can only achieve a successful photography business, by trying new things, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

It is better to learn from those who have had many years of success, than trying to learn from a multitude of many different less experienced sources.

From my experience with over 40 years of running a successful studio, and with over 3,000 hours of coaching photographers, as a photography business coach, I can tell you that creating a consistent income stream in photography is not easy, and can be very challenging.

It also can be very fulfilling, financially rewarding, and a lot of fun.

So please mister internet don’t tell me all it takes is just an hour a week, or an 8 week online course to create my dream photography business.

In my experience what you do NEED is a real person that you can be accountable to.\

A person who you can trust, a person who can guide, advise, encourage, motivate, and help you on your journey.

You need a person to SHARE your struggles and your successes.

You can’t get this level of support off the internet.

You need a person who cares.

Let’s face it, the Internet just doesn’t care, like a person does!

Try hugging your computer after you have had a bad in person sales experience and see if it cares.

You need a wife, a partner, a husband, a really good friend or a coach.

World’s number one photography business coach.

They care!

To Your Amazing Photography Business Success 

Facebook Rocks!

Are You Missing Out On Facebook
Did you know that as of September 2017 there are over 17 million people a month in Australia active on Facebook.

This love of Social Media is growing at a rate of thousands of people in Australia each year.

Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful platforms available for photographers to get more clients and therefore generate new business.

I get frustrated sometimes when I’m talking to a lot of photographers and they talk about they’re not doing that well or whatever.

And then if I talk to them further and find out what they’re doing about the marketing, they’re not doing anything.

Now whether this is as you say whether it’s just that they don’t know what to do or whether they don’t see it as important, whether they think that you just open your door and you get a queue outside every morning one and the photographs taken.
That just ain’t going to happen.

So we have to get out there, as I say I can’t ever recall any day where I as I say where I would have to file on the police to say can you control all these customers outside my studio. It’s hard.

You’ve got to draw them in. Lead generation is what we’re about, we have to get leads, right?

We have to get leads, we have to get people to know about us.

Then we have to connect with those people, then we have to in a lot of cases nurture them until the time is right and it’s all about timing when the time is right for them.

But we have to be connected when that light bulb goes on the head and I think, “Yeah, I must do that.”

Look at the numbers.

The other thing is with marketing of course the difference that’s changed is people need a reason to do things, people need a reason to have the photograph taken.

The reason that I want my family photograph taken because it will be preserved for posterity is not a good enough reason.

We have to give them other reasons to draw them in.

Not many photographers know how to use their social media effectively.

They spend hours wasting their time posting on Facebook and Instagram without really knowing what they are doing or why they are doing it.

Social Media is your biggest and cheapest way available to get you leads and clients.
There are thousands of potential clients out there, who want photographs taken, and if you don’t start capturing them now, you will be left behind.

Use Facebook to grow your following, strengthen your brand and elevate your business and your income.

As a photography business coach I have created thousands of dollars for my clients from Facebook.

Facebook Rocks!
Facebook is quite simply a part of our daily lives.

Your customers are on it and your future customers are on it.

If you’re not generating business from it, you may be missing out on more enquiries and sales that you can handle.

Your Photography Business may not exist in the next 12 months if you don’t start to make Social Media a priority.

If the photographers in your town haven’t started utilising the potential and power of Social Media, then there is a good chance that they will.

Facebook Is Powerful Targeting
With Facebook you can “ bulls eye” target your customers, in your town.

You can target specific genres to photograph, choose your suburbs, how much money you want to spend on an ad, when you run ad, and you can do it all from your phone, computer or laptop.

Whether you are looking for women with newborns, engaged couples, pets, families,
kids 3-6 years old etc you can select them in your Facebook Ad.

You can also target the household income and even what car they drive!

The specific targeting available with Facebook is quite simply amazing!

Facebook is also so easy to engage with clients and prospects, and is by far the least expensive way to get clients in front of your camera.

Nothing comes close.

It also enables you to easily communicate to your audience and the wider community around you.

There are thousands of people who want your photography, and Facebook can help you find them.

Facebook Can Lift Your Brand
Facebook is still the “go to” social platform.

It has highly engaged and loyal audiences made up of consumers, businesses and brands. It is a visual platform, making it ideal for photographers like yourself.

As a photography business coach I have learned that people consume content on Facebook a little bit differently than you may think.

If you use it correctly, and avoid the pitfalls that most photographers fall into when trying their hand at posting, you will have Facebook getting you money in the bank.

I hate to see photographers struggle when I feel that I could help them.

As a photography business coach I am always looking for those photographers who want to grow their photography business a lot faster than if they were to try and work everything out by themselves.

Who Is Facebook For?
Whether you are a full time or part time photographer, if you are looking at getting more clients to your business with minimal investment, then Facebook is for you.

It’s all about making a difference in your business, and earning a lucrative living to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being a professional photographer.

Check out this webinar recording that I did with Facebook expert Loren Bartley.

It is over an hour of great information.

To Your Amazing Photography Business Success
photography business coach
worlds number one photography business coach

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