Running a wedding photography business is a risky business, and I am talking from experience.

A lot of experience!

I had over 40 years of running a very successful Wedding/Portrait studio.

The main problem with photographing weddings is that you take a large deposit when a couple book their wedding for up to 2 years in advance.


But did you know that you are supposed to keep that money in a trust account until you DO THE JOB.

This just does not happen. The photographer spends the deposits.

So by the time the wedding date comes, the photographer has spent the PROFIT for the job, months before.

Not a very good business model I am thinking.

Which is why many wedding photographers go broke.

Of course a pandemic doesn’t help either.

My wedding business thrived over many years, even through a recession,  as I had implemented strong business practices.

Check out this VIDEO

Your thoughts?

What Texas photographer John Glaser had to say……
“In 2013 I started a little side business doing video which turned into doing photography for sports. I love doing photography so I started dabbling in using lighting with the dream of having a portrait studio someday. I honestly thought it was a long shot dream that would never come true. It has been a long road and I have had my ups and downs.
In June of last year I decided to take a big leap and open a studio. Yes I opened a studio in the middle of a pandemic!!!. I got a business coach, Bernie, who specializes in helping people build their studio photography business. Bernie has been a lifesaver!!! He has helped me transform my business and make the dream reality. In October I opened the doors to my own studio which has exploded!!! I am not going to lie it is pretty cool seeing your business name in lights on a marque.”

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.