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The Home-based Photographer


Working From Home

More and more photographers are working from home, and this trend is set to continue into the future, as more and more photographers take their hobby into a new world of small business. Photographers are willing to juggle their business and family life for a more simplified lifestyle that can bring rich rewards if handled correctly. (more…)

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Converting Portrait Enquiries into Customers

When your phone rings do you get

When your phone rings do you get excited?

Or do you think that it is just another potential customer who will waste your time just asking questions about price? Are you expecting them to ask that  question…

How much do you charge? (more…)

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The times are changing


Having spent over forty years as a Wedding and Portrait Photographer I often get asked how I have managed to have a successful business for such a long period of time. I feel that there is only one answer to the longevity in my business. That answer is that I have constantly changed my photography and my marketing approach, and I have always kept ahead of what other photographers were doing. (more…)

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