Don’t have a business plan.

The difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer is COMMITTING to a plan and process. 

You Are A Workaholic. 

You are working hard and doing it yourself, rather than how to work smarter.

You don’t know any better.

Hard to overcome, until someone arrives with a solution.

Don’t Understand Marketing. 

Probably the biggest obstacle that is stopping any photography business from growing.

Most things will be ‘in your head’ and that means your business depends on you.

No Systems

A very shaky position if something should happen to you.

Small Cash Flow

If cash flow is tight, you’ll be living a stressful life.

You don’t like doing your “numbers.” because you don’t understand them.

Don’t Have A Coach

A lot of photographers see a business coach as an expense rather than as an investment.

I good coach will create many times over the fees they charge, and a select few even offer a money back guarantee.

What have you got to lose.

Don’t Know What KPIs Are.

You must know what your Key Performance Indicators are to allow you to make the right decisions, whether it be financial or strategies.

You just need a strategized business plan and then you have a direction to follow. 

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photography business coach Bernie Griffiths has had over 40 years of experience in proven, profitable, photography business solutions.