Are You Serious?

As a photography business coach I have coached many photographers over the years from those with many years as big studio owners, to photographers who are working part time.

Most photographers I speak to seem to have similar challenges to overcome.

Their cash flow is not showing any signs of growth.

They are spending all of their time in their business and no time working on their business.

They feel guilty spending too much time at work and not enough with your family.

Most customers don’t value their photography.

They want to take your business to the next level but are not sure which direction to go.

If you relate to a lot of these challenges, then this Membership is for you.

I Had To Get Serious About Marketing!
Many years ago, long before Digital, Selfies, Facebook, Lightroom, SEO, and Photoshop, I had a super successful wedding/portrait business.

My business stood strong through good and bad economic time.

It even survived a long recession period.

As the sole income stream it provided me with a good income to bring up my two kids in private schools, have regular holidays, meet amazing people, and enabled me to do what I loved…Photography and Marketing.

When I had a camera in my hand I always felt an adrenaline rush, but I felt at home.

The Marketing side of the business also excited me. You can opt out at any time.

I learned early on in my business that if I didn’t do any or enough Marketing, my business would die.Understanding Marketing is the key to your business success, not just in the short term, but more importantly in the long term.

Whether you photograph Newborns, Weddings, Portraits, Pets, Headshots, Branding, or Boudoir, this is for YOU.

If are starting your photography business and are part time or you have years of experience, this is for YOU.

Join my BRAND NEW affordable Coaching Membership, for just $29 for a 30 day trial. Love it for 30 days or get your money back!
LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 SUBSCRIBERS. You can opt out at any time.

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