“Just a quick note to say thank you for opening my eyes and getting me away from the rut I was in. You were correct with the new display products required at the studio and from which the portrait sales have been so much easier. The selling system that you introduced me to where the products are displayed and the client is allowed to purchase is fantastic, I am very comfortable with this and am sure it has helped. I have just had a record sales week of $4500 of portrait sales. Just need to keep this momentum going, next stop world domination.”  David Thomlinson.

“Huge thanks to you Bernie for making the journey down to Hobart yesterday. Dan and I (and I’m sure everyone else) were able to take away a few real gems from the seminar that we are excited about implementing into our workflow.
There was plenty of other little gems so I wont name them all.Just a massive thanks to go to the trouble of coming down here.”  Dean Mainsbridge. Tasmanian Wedding Photographer of the Year.

“I  had the pleasure of listening in on Bernie’s presentation to Waikato/BOP a month or so ago, for which we provided some sponsorship. The subject was business, marketing, and strategies for success as a professional photographer.
Bernie spent forty-odd years as a very successful professional in Melbourne, and now offers a consultancy service to professionals, with most of his clients in Australia.
He is a well prepared and confident speaker, and that what he had to say was excellent advice – based on his own long experience but very relevant in today’s market. He was very well received by the group”. Ian Baugh Queensberry Albums.

“I have stepped up a notch. With Bernie’s strategies, my sittings have tripled! His support has given me much more confidence. He is part of my team .The best decision that I have ever made for my business was consulting with Bernie. I  wish I had done it so much earlier”. Leesa Perry.

“With every customer that walks through the door, my average sales now are between $1,200-$2000 and I could not be happier.” Zaharoula Harris 

“My business has grown about 70% in income”. Adrianna Harrison 

“I am an Auckland based pet photographer. Bernie has been my photography business coach for over a year. Since I started my photography business over 6 years ago, I had struggled through every winter and was very close to giving my photography away. After working with Bernie, everything changed. Bernie has taught me how to market my photography, shown me how to develop and position my brand, lift my prices, and my pet photography business, is now in the position of having a waiting list of clients. I have tripled my average portrait sale since working with Bernie. I can’t recommend Bernie highly enough. He is an inspirational speaker and mentor.”  Kimberely Kent  Tall Tails Pet Photography, Auckland – New Zealand

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